Man Back to Zhejiang from Overseas Gets Detained!

Source: HangzhouTube, China Daily

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On March 8, the Public Security Bureau of Qingtian County, Zhejiang Province, reported a case in which an administrative penalty was imposed on a man who returned to Zhejiang from abroad. The man came back to Qingtian on February 28, 2020, but did not report his personal situation to the authorities. Later, when the township cadres got to inquire about his situation, he did not report truthfully, as to escape medical observation. 

According to the first paragraph of Article 50 of the Law of the PRC on Penalties for Administration of Public Security, the Qingtian Public Security Bureau punished the man for his behavior in violation of the relevant provisions on epidemic prevention and control.

Home Testing Kits for Coronavirus? Fake!

The Beijing Medical Products Administration denied rumors that claimed that people can test for the novel coronavirus using a home testing kit and added there was no authorized home version of the test yet. According to the administration, there is no self-testing device yet and those sold on WeChat are fake.

Ma Yun Presents Gifts to Female Doctors and Nurses in Wuhan


On March 8th, female medical workers in the front line of the epidemic in Hubei received a special gift from Ma Yundoubling the monthly amount of Ant Credit Pay, and the monthly bills for three years can be paid in three installments without interest. Ma Yun also expressed his respect for the female medical staff. He said that the female medical staff at the front line of anti-epidemic in Hubei risked a lot, and they were real goddesses.


According to incomplete statistics, at least 200,000 female medical staff are working in Hubei Province.

Hangzhou Lady Finds This When Fetching Lunch

Recently, a lady working in an innovation park in Yuhang District received a reminder for her lunch. When she went downstairs to pick up the meal, she was shocked, as the delivery man was a robot with two cameras on the head. After she scanned the QR code on the robot, the cabinet door automatically opened and she took her lunch out.

It is reported that the robot is equipped with an internal incubator. Each time the incubator is closed, it will be sterilized with ozone, which ensures non-contact and safe meal taking. 

Breathtaking! Cole-flower Track in Hangzhou

Last weekend, Netizens found a special track in Hangzhou. Along the way, there were super beautiful Cole flower fields. The largest circle of the field is about 1.8km. According to netizens, the track is also tranquil and ideal for running. Location: West Lake District, Xiatong street.

Last Train of Hangzhou Metro Lines Returns to Normal

According to Hangzhou Metro Group, from March 9, the last bus time of all lines of Hangzhou Metro has returned to normal and will no longer be extended. The departure time of the starting station of the last train of line 1, line 2, line 4 and line 5 was restored to around 22:30. In addition, Hangzhou Metro will continue to pay attention to the night return passenger flow of the east railway station, and make additional arrangements according to the situation. 

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