JobsCFO| 25K - 30K RMB per month

Job description

1. Establish and improve the financial management and accounting system in line with the actual situation of the enterprise; supervise and inspect the implementation of the financial system, budget, and appropriate and timely adjustments 2. Daily management of the finance department; 3. Assist the general manager to formulate the company's strategy, preside over the formulation of the company's financial strategic plan, organize the preparation of the group's annual comprehensive financial plan and control standards; participate in the analysis and decision-making of important matters of the company, for the company's production and operation, business development and foreign investment Provide financial analysis and decision-making basis; participate in determining the company's dividend policy; 4. Formulate the company's fund operation plan, supervise the fund management report and forecast and final accounts; monitor and forecast the cash flow more accurately, determine and monitor the reasonable structure of the company's liabilities and capital, and coordinate the management and operation of the company's funds and effective risk Control; overall control of annual budget, capital operation, etc .; 5. Responsible for the preparation of the financial statements and financial budget and final accounts of the group and its branches, reviewing the financial reports of each entity, and analyzing the financial data to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the financial information; 6. Do a good job of tax planning and avoid tax for the company reasonably; 7. Responsible for the formulation and cost analysis of the company's various cost systems 8. Provide suggestions and decision support for the company's major investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions and other business activities, participate in risk assessment, guidance, tracking and control; raise funds required for the company's operations, ensure the company's strategic development funding requirements, and review the company's major capital flows Calculate the cost of financing methods required by the company's investment activities and provide the most economical means of remuneration; 9. Report to the boss on the company's operating status, operating results, financial revenues and expenditures and plans. 10. Coordinate the company's relations with government departments such as banking, industry and commerce, and protect the company's interests;


1. Have a big picture, good at financial planning, analysis, decision-making, proficient in investment, financing management and capital operation management 2.Experience with listed companies, foreign companies, due diligence or mergers and acquisitions 3.Good cost control; 4.Compilation of the consolidated statement of the Group; 5.Familiar with local and international taxation in China, Hong Kong business policies, and international accounting standards; 6.Fluent English

Required Languages


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