How to Pronounce (Blood) in Chinese? xu or xi?

Hello everyone! Today, we will first learn a Chinese character.

Todays Character

-Blood xu/xi

This Chinese character has two pronunciations, xu and xi, and many people dont know how to pronounce it.Chinese learners usually only know one pronunciation or do not know which one to use. For the Chinese, there are often people who can't distinguish the two pronunciations of blood. Indeed, the word is not easy to read accurately.

First of all, we need to know that there is no difference in the meaning of pronouncing xu or xi. The problem is that it does not comply with the relevant provisions in the "Mandarin Pronunciation Words Examination Table", which means that it is related to the accuracy of pronunciation. Some people may say that since there is no difference in meaning, it is enough to just use any pronunciation that Chinese people could understand. However, we have students specifically asking how to distinguish them. It can be seen that every Chinese learner has high requirements for phonetics and wants to speak standard Mandarin.

How to Distinguish

So, let's see how to distinguish it.

1. xubloodbloodxu is used in written language, its in the compound words, the emphasis is not on blood, but on other meanings related to blood.

For example:

2.xibloodxi is used in oral language, usually using alone or composing acrostic words and phrases. Its original meaning only contains the meaning of blood.
For example:

Have a try

Choose the correct pronunciation.


W b ch j ___.

I don't eat chicken blood.


N sh shn me ___ xng?

Whats your blood type?


T li le bsho___.

He bled a lot.


Li b ___ sh ynwi bni ___ gun shushng le.

Nosebleeds are caused by injury to the blood vessels in the nose.


___zhi yo yng ___ li chng.

Blood debt must be paid with blood.

~Please leave your answers in the comments. We will check it for you.See you next time!

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