How Much Do Chinese Love "Eating"

During the Covid-19 quarantine at the beginning of 2020, there's one thing on the Chinese internet that has aroused hot discussion for a long time
YesDo you know thisTranslated as Liuzhou river snails rice noodle, Luosifen is not as simple as other noodles.
The dish consists of rice noodles boiled and served in a soup made from a stock of river snails and pork bones, which are then stewed for hours with lots of seasoning
The soup does not usually contain any snail meat, but instead pickled bamboo shoot, fresh green vegetables, peanuts, and chili oil are usually what the soup consists of. 

But what makes Luosifen excel when compared to other noodles in China and how has it gained so much popularity nowBelieve it or not, "the stinky smell".
Yes, again! It's another star member of China's stinky but popular food family.

The "stinky smell" of Luosifen came from pickled bamboo shoots and river snails which the soup was made from. To the fans of Luosifen, this is the essence of what makes it so distinguished. 
Since Luosifen was developed into instant noodles, it began to widely spread into the rest of the world. Its easy cooking method and richer ingredients compared to other normal instant noodles, make more and more young people find it very hard to resist.

Especially during the quarantine time, when everyone has to stay at home and has used up all the cooking creativity, Luosifan has become what people miss most. On the Chinese Internet, it has been searched for 3,200,000 times within 1 week. Many people say they are expecting the parcel of Luosifen instant noodles like they are expecting a parcel of masks.

If you are curious about this noodle flavour, try to type in "Luosifen" on Taobao or Eleme, you can check out these "magical noodles" by yourself!

During the national quarantine, besides the virus-related news, you can see the most popular topic on the Chinese internet has always been about FOOD! Alipay even simply made a post listing many popular chain restaurant names, and it attracted numerous onlookers leaving many messages whining about how they miss eating out in these various restaurants

How much do Chinese people love eating? Besides all the above, you can also see this "love" in our language. Many things can be expressed with "ch" even though it's not related to physical "eating".

Talking about "ch dsh", for many Chinese people, this probably is the least favorite thing that they would like to do. That's why you see it's an important tradition in China that people usually share (sometimes even to feed) food with family and friends.

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