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The Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment, compiled by the First Affiliated Hospital of School of Medicine of Zhejiang University and published on March 18, was recently posted on the website of Nature, an internationally respected academic journal. 

It has also been shared with the organizing committees of the Olympic Games in various countries such as the United States, France and Japan. 

The Chinese and English versions have already been published, with the Italian, Spanish, and French versions soon to follow. Versions in other languages such as Japanese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Thai, Portuguese and Persian being prepared, according to the First Affiliated Hospital of School of Medicine of Zhejiang University.
As of March 21, the handbook had received nearly 1.48 million visits, 67 percent of which were from overseas. 
Here, weve got the handbook ready for you. Write handbook to HanzhouTube to get one copy for free! If you find it useful, please share it with more people. Together we can and we will beat the virus! 

Beijing Demands Nucleic Acid Testing For All Fever Clinic Patients

Beijing has asked all fever clinics citywide to conduct nucleic acid testing (NAT) for patients with fever, according to the leading group of Beijing's COVID-19 epidemic control.


Beijing also demanded all arrivals from overseas and those who visit the city after arriving through other Chinese ports within 14 days to undergo concentrated quarantine and NAT starting from Wednesday as the number of imported COVID-19 cases continues to increase.


Beijing reported six new confirmed imported COVID-19 cases Wednesday, bringing the total number of imported cases in the city to 149, the municipal health commission said Thursday.

More Chinese Provinces Further Lower COVID-19 Response Leve

More provinces in China have further downgraded their emergency response toward the COVID-19 outbreak as the epidemic is receding in the country.


The provinces of Sichuan and Heilongjiang decided to lower their emergency response to the novel coronavirus outbreak from the second level to the third level on Wednesday.


A number of provincial-level regions, including Zhejiang and Chongqing, have recently downgraded their emergency response to the third level, while Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region lowered its emergency response to the lowest fourth level starting from March 22.

Chinese Hospital Donates 7,000 Masks to Spain and Netherlands


A hospital in Suining, southwest China's Sichuan Province donated 7,000 surgical masks to two medical institutions in Spain and the Netherlands Thursday, according to the hospital.


After hearing of these institutions' shortage of medical protective materials, Suining Central Hospital donated the masks to Mutua De Terrassa University Hospital in Spain and Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands. The hospital also shared its novel coronavirus treatment experience with these institutions via video chat and mail.

Virus Can Survive for 24 Hours on the Phone!

On average, people click on their phone screen more than 2600 times a day, which literally make it a medium for a variety of bacteria.


A show on CCTV13 has tested and confirmed that the number of bacteria on mobile phones is 18 times the number of toilets, and the number of bacteria on the surface of mobile phones is up to 120000 / cm2.


According to a science show on MBS TV in Japan, viruses prefer smooth surface to rough things like towels. On towels, the virus can only survive for about 15 minutes, while on mobile phones, it can survive for up to 24 hours, 96 times as long as on towels.


It's necessary to clean your cell phone carefully!

Beware! Cold and Rainy Weekend is Approaching!

At 14:21 on March 26, Hangzhou meteorological observatory issued a blue alert for a cold wave. It is expected that the strong cold air from the north will hit Hangzhou around the morning of March 28. Affected by this, there will be rainfall, and strong winds which will bring forth a cool temperature. The daily average temperature drop will be 10-13 C.

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