Have You Tried All These Popular Hot Pots in China?

Many foreigners love Chinese food.

And if we have to crown one of the most desired Chinese dishes, it would be.

Hot! Pot!

Foreigners are obviously not the only ones who love hot pot.

For Chinese people, hot pot is so delicious that they eat it quite often.

As the saying goes: "Nothing can't be solved with hot pot!"

If not solved, then two hot pots!

The weather is getting colder and colder.

You need a national hot pot map to stay alive.

Let's move on!

- Sichuan hot pot -
- Chongqing hotpot - 

Sichuan - Chongqing hot pot can be divided into two types:

One is Chengdu hot pot.

Mostly clean oil soup of the pot.

Another one is Chongqing super spicy hot pot.

Use enough material,

It's basically like this 

Chongqing people divide the hotpot into three levels.

Center grid, cross grid, quadrangle grid.

Each case has a different temperature and concentration.

Based on the properties of the ingredients, to get the best taste, 

place the food in the right square.

In Sichuan and Chongqing, many shops do not sell double-flavored pot.

- Beijing copper hot pot boiled meat -

Talking about boil mutton,

Copper hot pot is more local.

The soup base uses plain broth,

A pot of water, a few pieces of ginger, a few pieces of onion


You can taste the original flavor of these ingredients.

And of course, plain broth soup base is very high in requirements for ingredients.

Mutton should be delicate and without any odor.

Rinse the lamb right and left in the boiling soup.

A mixing bowl of sesame sauce, the whole body warmed up.

- Chaoshan, Guangdong meat hot pot -

Chaoshan people from Guangdong province love to eat fresh beef.

Or make delicious beef meatballs.

- Yunnan mushroom hot pot -

The mushrooms are sweet and delicious.

The complex topography and landform of Yunnan, with various soil types, create unique three-dimensional climate conditions.

It has cultivated abundant wild edible fungus resources.

A pot of fungi

- Congee soup base in Shunde, Guangdong -
A pot of rice gruel cooks for hours.

Add chicken, duck, and seafood. It tastes delicious.

- Cantonese hot pot -

Cantoneseda bian lu means "hot pot" in Mandarin.

We Cantonese people usually use plain broth or pork bone soup. 

Add much seafood and vegetables.

- Guizhou sour soup base hot pot -

Guizhou people like eating sour things.

Therefore, the hotpot from Guizhou is also full of local characteristics of sour soup hotpot.

- Northeast pickled cabbage white meat hotpot -

Good bone soup makes the soup base of the pot.

Cut the sour cabbage into shreds and put them in the pot.

Cut Eight mature pieces of white meat cut into thin slices into the pot to eat.

There's sauerkraut for neutralization.

Fat but not greasy.

The tender side of pork is best represented.

 - Huizhou pot - 

Cover the bottom of the pot with dried bamboo shoots.

Cover the second floor with a piece of meat.

The third layer is white tofu or fried tofu.

The fourth layer is covered with meatballs.

The fifth layer covers the fans.

Garnish with spinach or ginger.

Add the seasoning and the right amount of water. 

My mouth is watering 

After reading about so much yummy hot pot, which one would you like to try??

Let us know in the comment section below!

Editor: Crystal H

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