Hangzhou Exit-Entry Administration Issues Ten Initiatives!

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In this week, the temperature of Hangzhou will start to decrease on March 10th, and on the morning of March 11, it will drop to the lowest in the recent period, where it will be 2-4 in mountainous area. Yet it will also be the best day of the work week, as it will be probably sunny. It will rain on the 12th and 13th, and the good news is it will be sunny on the 14th, during the weekend!

Hangzhou Exit-Entry Administration Issues Ten Initiatives!

On March 7, Exit-Entry Administration of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau issued 10 initiatives to help expats to work and live in Hangzhou during the epidemic.

1. Provide a 24-hour urgent service for certificate handling for Chinese and foreign personnel involved in the anti-epidemic work, including medical aid, drug research and development, material supply, academic exchanges, etc. For overseas personnel with emergency reasons; visas and other exit and entry documents shall be completed on the same day.


2. Launch a 24 / 7 multi-channel online service. Open a 24-hour reservation hotline, providing consultation and reservation services. Applicants can make an appointment for exit-entry business on Alipay, APP, APPand the Hangzhou public security WeChat official account. 


3. Priority shall be given to the personnel returning to work. For those who participate in emergency meetings, or sign business contracts or are in urgent need of employment in Hong Kong and Macao, a special green channel shall be set up for timely approval.


4. Improve the tolerance of the lack of certification materials. If it is indeed difficult to provide proof materials such as health certificate and notarization of kinship due to the epidemic, it can be accepted only by submitting personal statement and promising to make up the materials within one month after the epidemic situation; materials that can be queried through the system do not need to be provided again; when large foreign-related enterprises and other units with a large number of foreigners apply for visas, they can issue a letter of personnel list of the unit, so there is no need to provide single letters per person.


5. Minimize the time limit for foreigners returning to work in Hangzhou to apply for certificates. Shorten the handling time for visa application, for ordinary visa and residence permit application to 3 working days and for residence permit application to 5 working days.

6. Expand the scope of the visa agency. For overseas students in Hangzhou, the school is encouraged to issue official letters and send specialists to the entry-exit window for centralized processing. For the extension, renewal and reissue of visas, if it is really difficult for applicants to go to the Exit and Entry Administration Department in person, the employing unit or relative person is allowed to apply on behalf of them.


7. Provide "two-way express delivery" service for foreigners to apply for visas, residence permits and permanent residence, where they can submit applications by e-mail and mail.


8. Actively provide the applicants with the query service for the adjustment of the entry and exit management; timely inform them of the temporary entry control measures of the relevant countries and regions, as well as the opening and passing conditions of China's ports.


9. Visas will be automatically extended for 2 months. During the epidemic period, if the visa validity period for foreigners has expired before February 27, it shall be extended for 60 days from that date; if not, it shall be extended for 60 days from the next day after the expiration of the visa validity period.


Foreigners who meet the above conditions can stay or leave China with the original visa or residence permit without going through the extension formalities.


10. Fully assist overseas personnel to apply for Health Code. The Exit-Entry Administration will open a special hotline to collect the needs of foreigners in Hangzhou during the epidemic and report them to the relevant departments for solutions.

Recruitment of Volunteers Speaking Foreign Languages for Epidemic Control Work

With the reopening of Yiwu markets and resumption of work and production, many resident foreign merchants have returned to Yiwu and an increasing number of foreign buyers have been coming here, thus more and more volunteers speaking foreign languages are needed for the epidemic control work.

To provide targeted services for foreigners in Yiwu, Foreign Affairs Office of Yiwu Municipal Peoples Government is now recruiting volunteers speaking foreign languages. Yiwu is home to a large number of high-level foreign language talents. We will provide a platform for warmhearted people to bring their expertise into play, pass on love, and safeguard our city,which is the second hometown of millions of domestic and foreign business people.

Requirements of Volunteers

  1. Fluent in EnglishKoreanArabic, Russian,Spanish or French , etc. Foreign nationals should be able to carry out daily communication  in Chinese.

  2. Having a great sense of responsibility and team spirit.

  3. Age between 18-50 with good health condition.

  4. Having no symptoms of respiratory infection such as fever, cough, chest distress, etc. in the past month, no travel history of  severe epidemic inflicted countries or Hubei Province in China, no history of contact with confirmed cases and their close contacts. Personnel who have the above mentioned conditions will not be selected as volunteers for the time being.

  5. Ready to accept work assignment and cooperate willingly with authorities.

  6. Having a high awareness of self-protection.

  7. Working experience in foreign-related affairs is preferred.

Volunteer Service Details

Time: from now on to the end of the epidemic.

Location: Yiwu City

Service Details:

  • Online Service: phone communication, translation and epidemic consultation.    

  • Offline Service:Publicity work of epidemic control at the railway station and airport, language service at community homes and hotel isolation points, and interpretation services for epidemic control staff and foreigners.

Application Method

Application time: from March 8th, 2020

Please send CV and certificate of foreign language level to the following email: [email protected]

Contact: Ms.Wu

Phone: 0579-85214501

Foreign Affairs Office of Yiwu Municipal Peoples Government

March 8th, 2020

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