Foreigners in Beijing Included in Community Health Management

Li Hui, the Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Government, announced at a press conference on March 9 that the city of Beijing has taken strong measures towards promoting health-related habits and personal care in several languages ever since the outbreak began.

Both the Foreign Affairs Office and the airports hotline provide language support services in 8 different languages to appeal to foreign nationals and visitors who do not speak Mandarin. 12345 public service hotline and emergency hotline 120 are available.

Daily outbreak news and other policies are communicated in those languages. These initiatives align with Chinas efforts to be more inclusive and reinforce its relationships with other countries. One such initiative has been the addition of foreign nationals to its Community Health Management board as well as ongoing communication to raise awareness of the risks and precautionary measures to be taken into consideration by all residents in Beijing - locals and foreigners alike. 

Click: A Letter to Non-Chinese Citizen Visitors in Beijing

Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal H

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