Foreigners Coming to China Will Get a Label On Their Passport...

Source: OT-Team(AFJ), Xinmin Evening News, Shanghai Observer

On March 7, according to the Shanghai Customs, all travelers from countries regions) severely affected by the virus arriving at the airports shall be subject to epidemiological investigation, and the medical staff shall label their passports with three labeling regimes. Then the passengers with red and yellow color label passports shall be isolated, while the greens are allowed to leave.

Three Steps for Passengers from Key Regions

As per the news staff, the current process after the arrival of flights from key countries/ regions is as follows:

1. After the arrival of the flight, the Customs officers shall carry out boarding quarantine, body temperature screening, information inspection and other entry procedures. Once a passenger with fever or suspected COVID-19 is found, he/she shall be transferred by one of the ambulances to the designated medical institutions for further treatment.

2. Then 100% of the passengers who pass the customs quarantine will undergo an epidemiological investigation after getting off the plane.

The Epidemiological Investigation

3. Finally, the passengers will enter the process of initial screening, temperature measurement and formal submission of their health declaration card. And the local immigration inspection department will check each of them one by one according to the places where they are from and screening standards, and then label their passports with one of the colored stickers.

The Labels

To prevent cross-infection, there are two options for the passengers who are able to leave. One is to take the bus provided by the government to the destination of each district in Shanghai. While if the passenger is picked up by someone, they shall be taken to the fixed pick-up point by the volunteers, and register the contact information of the driver and other personnel.

Foreign Passenger' Feelings about Returning

As per the Shanghai Government, the passengers with a history of stay in key countries or regions within 14 days will be quarantined for 14 days regardless of their nationality. On the afternoon of March 8, a flight from Florida to Shanghai via Seoul, was a key regional flight. Thus, the news staff interviewed several foreign passengers on this flight about their feelings.

Fully Understanding and Support  

At the concentration point for the passengers with yellow labels, Sarah, an American who teaches in Shanghai, told the news staff that she was anxious to return to China to prepare for the start of school year, besides, she had already prepared that she would have to be isolated at home before resuming work.

"I'm used to the strict anti-epidemic measures, and it's been done all the way on this flight. After the flight took off, the airline staff took my temperature four or five times and registered my information. During the special period, I fully understood and would be happy to cooperate with them in carrying out these tasks.  I hope the epidemic will end soon, and the school will reopen again. I cant wait to teach the children. "Sarah said.

Everything is Getting Better in Shanghai

Different from Sarah's calmness, it's the first time for the foreign lovers, Helton and Hannah, to be together in such a situation, so that they are at a loss how to deal with it. Luckily, with the help of the volunteers, they left on the provided bus smoothly.

Helton told the news staff that he and his girlfriend both live and work in Shanghai, and they like the city very much. They left Shanghai for a holiday during the New Year. At that time, they felt that the situation was bad and everyone was so nervous. However, this time they came back, and they obviously felt that the situation was getting better and better. People are taking their time and doing their jobs carefully to make them feel secure, and now they just want to go back to work and get their lives back to normal.