Foreign Students Launch Donation Campaign to Fight the Virus!

Source: OT-TeamAFJDongbei University of Finance & Economics

Ayub and His Fellows

On February 23, according to the Dongbei University of Finance & Economics (DUFE), Muhammad Ayub Khan, a phD student from Pakistan, launched a fund-raising campaign themed "love without borders " among the foreign students. A total of 19,930 Yuan was raised and donated to Dalian Charity Federation for COVID-19 prevention and control.

In Ayubs Proposal to the Headmaster of DUFE, his idea of donating one day salary is well-explained.

Thanks to All Supporters

After the initiative was launched, most of the international students showed their support. Finally, Ayub received 19,930 Yuan in total, exceeding his target of 10,000 Yuan.

The Donation Certificate of the Ivorian Students

On February 22, together with the other two PHD students from Chad and Cte d'Ivoire, Ayub came to Dalian Charity Federation as a representative to donate the money. 

They also wrote a letter saying " At this crucial moment, regardless of race, religion, culture or country, we should play an active role in supporting the Chinese government and the people of Wuhan and Hubei. I believe China will defeat the novel coronavirus pneumonia. We should thank the Chinese government, especially the front-line medical staff, for their great sacrifice and unremitting efforts to fight the epidemic! "

The vice president of Dalian Charity Federation expressed his sincere appreciation to the heartwarming support of international students, and said the money would be transferred to relevant departments for epidemic prevention and control ASAP.