Enjoy Gorgeous Cherry Trees in This Place!

Weather is getting warmer in some places around China, and while were still asked not to get together in public due to the outbreak, we all long for the day that we will be able to go out and appreciate the soothing temperatures and blue skies of the spring season.

Today, were taking you on a trip across beautiful cherry blossom in Wuhan.

Spring is coming! 

Wuhan University is known as "the most beautiful university in China". With about 1000 cherry trees around its campus, no wonder it bears such a prestigious title.

But due to the outbreak, the university released a letter earlier this month to advise students and visitors not to crowd its campus for sightseeing, and instead to wait until next year for everyones safety and comfort.

Located in the southeast of the East Lake scenic area in Wuhan, the cherry garden was built in 1978, and currently boasts 50 varieties of cherry trees.

While it remained closed to the public, Wuhan University made an exception for medical workers to relax and enjoy its beautiful garden on their own time.

Some of them got so excited that they began dancing under the trees, finally able to decompress after such stressful weeks working to save lives.

We can only hope that we will all soon be able to enjoy this garden without restrictions or masks. In the meantime, heres a collection of photos to transport you there from the comfort of wherever youre reading this article. Enjoy!


Source: cctv

Editor: Crystal H

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