CoronaVirus: List of Countries by Infections % to Population

Source: OT-Team, Majdi

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the globe, its quite common to read the number of infections, in every country, being reported in daily news and websites; the total number of infections has become the major index for assessing the infection risk in that country; which many governments and organizations use when creating their list of travel restrictions or risky countries. 

However, infection density is no less important, in my opinion, as an index to assess the infection risk and the degree of pressure on the country health system, that the pandemic is causing in that country. Other indexes for risk assessment could be: Data reporting transparency; diagnostics capability and scope; domestic control and preventive measures; airports capability in detecting and isolating infections; etc. 

In this regard, despite China being the country with the highest total number of infections, at one time, but the percentage by population is significantly low. China currently ranks #33 globally by the perccentage of infections and this rank continue to decrease. Besides, many infections have been already recovered. 

Thanks to its culture of instantaneous adaptability; fast implementation; discipline and leadership. China measures to prevent and control the infection has been quite effective; airports control of new cases from international travelers are eye-opening and worth learning from. 

Well, a long story short, I compiled a list of countries/regions by the percentage of their reported infections to total population. Population data is mainly from Wikipedia; countries with population lower than 300,000 were excluded, otherwise the list would be topped by small islands with dozens of thousands in population. Heres the final list as of March 22 8:50 Beijing Time. 

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