Chinese can't understand what I say,what should I do ?

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7 Day Pinyin Camp

Have you ever experienced these situations

Chinese couldn't understand what you said;

wanna break the bad pronunciation habit;

don't know how to pronounce Chinese characters properly;

wanna start learning Chinese but have no idea;

No worries. We are glad you find us Well.

7- Day Pinyin Camp is aimed to help you to improve your pronunciation, break the bad habit you developed.

What's it like?

You'll Learn

What do students think?

We appreciate everyone's hard work in the Pinyin camp. You have done a good job, persisted learning with us in these 7 days. Although sometimes make mistakes, you never let it go. Try again and again till say that sound perfectly. 

  Besides, everyone here in the group, we are all mandarin learners with the same goal, speak mandarin better. We are glad to join together and share our stories.


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