Adorable Medical Staff Fighting the Virus Caught on Camera

The Third People's Hospital in Guilin, Guangxi province, recently discharged three patients who had been infected by the COVID-19.

While the hospital chief was being interviewed by reporters to discuss this matter, the camera coincidentally caught a scene that didnt just amuse everyone watching it, but brought them to tears of joy as two nurses jumped into each others arms to celebrate those patients being discharged and sent back to live healthy lives.

Here's the scene.

Once the two nurses realized they were being filmed, they were too shy to leave!

Another clip shook the internet by storm, showing two other medical staff doing their own swan dance.

This was in celebration of six cured patients were discharged from the People's Hospital of Suzhous Lingbi county in Anhui province.

This news comes after several articles that weve already published on medical staff bringing more energy and happiness into their patientss lives by organizing dancing activities and other pastimes, as they quickly realized that such dances would help ease patients panic and anxiety in their hospital wards.

While dancing is all fun and relaxing, patients are also being taught important health exercises. Here, Guizhou nurses are shown teaching lung exercises to their patients.

To achieve a sense of calm while maintaining good health, tai chi has also become a favorite among both hospital patients and volunteer staff. 

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Beyond dancing, some medical staff have exhibited other talents!

In Huangshi, Hubei province, nurses in the isolation ward have drown adorable cartoon pictures on their protective suits to calm down children diagnosed with the disease.

It brought the children closer to the medical staff.

"When we first came into the isolation ward, we felt the fear of all children in the room, shared Cheng Shichao, a Head Nurse at one of the temporary hospitals. Part of the reason is that were all dressed in white protective suits, so kids felt scared and resisted our treatment. But after observing them more and seeing how they felt more comfortable and at ease with a few specific cartons they enjoyed watching, we decided to add some colors to our own suits and their lives.

Other medical staff have marked their wishes onto their suits.

Miss bubble tea day 28

Were sending all medical staff across China a warm-hearted thank you for all the incredible work that youve been doing since the beginning of the pandemic and for everything else before and after.

We salute you and wish you a safe return. 

Source: CCTV

Editor: Crystal H