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1The market size of China's sharing economy exceeded 3.2 trillion yuan (about $470 billion) in 2019, growing by 11.6 percent year on year, according to a development report.


The world's largest cosmetics group, L'Oreal, saw sales revenue of its Chinese business swell by 35 percent in 2019, hitting a 15-year high, the company's China chief executive officer, Fabrice Megarbane, said at a press conference on Thursday.



The Tianjin Port Group realized throughput of 1.365 million standard containers in January, up 7.5 percent year-on-year, with the growth rate ranking the first in the country's coastal ports in the period.


To match the rapid trend of resuming work in Shanghai, the United Office Platform of Global Chambers (GCP) issued a preferential policy to provide foreign companies who join in the GCP before the end of March with two months of free co-working office space and amenities. Welcome to contact EAcham for more details.


China is sticking with more realistic monetary approaches to ramp up economic activities, rather than rushing to join the global wave of interest rate cuts amid the spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia.


The US Federal Reserve took emergency action on Tuesday, cutting interest rates by half a percentage pointthe largest cut since the 2008 financial crisisin a move to help calm financial markets and stabilize the economy amid fears of the spreading coronavirus.


The proportion of enterprises that resumeing production in China is rising, as the country is sparing no effort to tackle the novel coronavirus outbreak and while tens of millions of people are returning to their places of work after the Spring Festival holiday.

SourceGlobaltimes, Xinhuanet, Chinadaily, Shine, GdtodayChina Plus News

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