15 Comics Show Difference Between Past and Present

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15 Comics That Show a Tremendous Difference Between the Recent Past and the Present

Get assistant in bringing up kids.

Previous motherhood has a way of bringing up their kids and seeking help from society. This is very different now. Since mothers of today use Google to know how to bring up their kids just the way they want to. So Google is now the private assistant so modern-day mothers.

Breaking Up With Friends

Friends often behave just the way you do not like. Once you have seen that such friends are not changing that behavior to what you like. Then it is time to break up with them. In the past life, they will notice that you are neglecting them. However, since almost everyone is online. You only need to block them.

Today We Are in a Constant Rush 

In the past, before mobile devices, we always have the time to wait for the next episode of our favorite TV programs to be displayed the following week. However, that is not the case anymore. Most people now make use of their mobile devices in place of TV. So we dont want to wait until next week to watch our favorite films.

Children still go to school, 

but things have changed there too.

Before when children come back from school, a parent will ask their wards about their behaviors with teachers. They will ask if such children behaved politely with their teachers. Things have now changed that parents dont care about the childrens behavior. Therefore, they proudly ask if the teacher treats their children politely. Highly unacceptable.

The carrot and stick method for raising kids still works, It just changed a little.

Before parent will instructor their wards strictly, and such children will obey immediately. All they need to say is go and sit in the corner. Currently, the world has changed, and the internet is taking over the world. Such instructions have changed! Wi-Fi doesnt work there. Funny! Therefore, where cant the kid use the Wi-Fi!

Technology keeps drastically changing too

The use of technology, such as the one that makes us listen to sounds, is ever-changing. Before 2002, it was attached to the waist. So funny that the whole instrument was attached to the head in the year 2007. It later became friendly in the year 2019 with the use of wireless. Can you guess how we will be listening to sound in the year 2029?

Different Things Make Pets Happy

Before, our pets mostly slept in tight corners of the house. They felt happy and safe with a cool and warm environment where they stayed around pipes, as long as they are happy. Now, they feel secure around electronics. Why? Are they interested and want to use the internet like us. Smiles.

The shoe secret has still not been revealed. Either the footwear used to be better before, or the roads have become softer.

Before, shoes are as strong as it was purchased after ten years of frequent use. And it is known that people trek more in the past than now. What has changed? Can you guess? Presently, after using footwear for just a year, they seem to be less strong when compared with past footwear despite other means of transportation.

You can share everything now even intangible things

In the past, people like our neighbors can demand salt from us. They can even demand our textbooks in school. Now, things are changing fast, and such behavior still remains the same. People do not only borrow tangible things. They now borrow intangible things like Wi-Fi. Once they noticed your online presence. Just wait for some moments for them to demand your password. Yes, password.

Going into nature requires a little bit more time now than just a thermos with hot tea.

In the past, when people like couples decide to explore nature by taking adventure to remote areas. They make preparations for a thermos to serve hot tea. This preparation is necessary because the climate is cold in such regions. But currently, that mobility is now easier. People like family can turn their bus to a mobile house and bring all the comforts needed in such regions.

Maybe life hasnt become easier but it has definitely become funnier!

Before, it is enough to charge the accumulator while traveling for a week. The mind of the wife will be at rest that her husband is safe once the accumulator is fully charged. But now, the mind of the wives are not at rest even if the husband has charged all devices like phone, watch, sneakers, glasses, car keys, and car while going to the shop. What is actually wrong?

Ladies will disturb their mom via phone call to understand how to prepare their husbands meal. That is if they always get it right via just one phone call. But the husband will manage whatever is prepared. Currently, the less knowledgeable ladies with recipes can make the best meal for their male friends via the use of Google to make the perfect soup. Funny how things have changed, and the online setting has been the place to learn things immediately.

Things are changing fast with time. Especially in the aspect of technology. In the past, excited family members make holiday trips to some historical locations using the camera. The men were in charge of the camera. Now ladies are more interested in that aspect. This change is amazing because selfie sticks are now their best friends.

In the past, people were very decent with their good intentions of taking photos during the holiday. A third person can also take such pictures. However, things are not that way now. Just a single person can take photos during the holiday. People have become so careless about pictures. More nude pictures now fly around. Just sad that some needing help in the ocean might receive pictures before getting assistance.

The trust in relationships is in deep danger when partners suspect their lover out of jealousy. Before, actions like staring at the opposite sex during outings can easily be denied when partners question such acts. Now, the case is different as relationships are developed from online platforms. So when the picture of the opposite sex is liked, such actions are concrete evidence from a jealous partner not reduce the trust in such a relationship.