Zhejiang CoViD-19: 43.86% Patients Discharged; Yiwu Mart Opened

Source: HangzhouTube

Good morning

Since February 17, many enterprises and institutions, commercial outlets and other businesses in Hangzhou have resumed work, and public transport and subway have resumed operation. In the morning, the number of vehicles increased significantly, and the rush hour reappeared at some places.  

The Discharge Rate in Zhejiang Has Reached 43.86%

Per the Twenty-Third Press Conferences on CoViD-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control held on February 18, the total number of discharged patients was 514, which is 43.86% of the confirmed cases.

Hangzhou Customs Postpones the Time Limit for Enterprises to Pay Taxes

On February 17, Hangzhou Customs issued 16 special measures to help enterprises overcome the impact of the epidemic, including extending the time limit for enterprises to pay taxes and exempting them from late fees. Enterprises that declare and summarize tax declaration forms at Hangzhou Customs in this January can postpone to complete electronic payment before February 24, and the tax overdue fine from January 31 to February 24 will be exempted.

Ningbo to Resume Life Service Industry

On February 17, per the CoViD-19 Infection Prevention and Control Work Leading Office of Ningbo, the city will resume the life service industry as soon as possible. Shops, restaurants, hotels, hair salons, maintenance, housekeeping, washing, fresh food distribution, takeout, express delivery, convenience stores, chain stores and other convenient service places along the street shall, on the premise of implementing the prevention and control measures, promptly resume business. 

Wenzhou 208 People Discharged from Hospital

On February 18, per the News Press of CoViD-19 Prevention and Control of Wenzhou, another 14 patients were discharged on the day, by then, 208 total patients were discharged from hospital. In the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, a discharged patient expressed his gratitude, "the medical staff are the loveliest people. Without their help, we could have not made it!

Yiwu Sends Special Trains and Buses to Pick Up Employees

Since February 16, Yiwu has sent special coach buses, trains, cars along with special teams carrying masks, thermometers and disinfectant water to Yunnan and Guizhou to pick up employees according to labor demand. All expenses will be subsidized by the government.

Yiwu Market Resumes Business with Over 10,000 Booths Open

According to ChinaDaily, Yiwu International Trade Market resumed business on February 18. About 10,000 trading booths open to global purchasers in the market, which open for business at 9:00 am and close at 4:00 pm.

Guidance for Buyers Visiting Yiwu Markets

On February 16, Zhejiang China Commodity City Group issued Guidance for Buyers Visiting Yiwu Markets.

Q&As About Yiwu Market

On February 16, Yiwu released a list questions and answers regarding the Yiwu market.

Useful Contact Information for Foreigners in Yiwu

On February 16, Yiwu released a list questions and answers regarding the Yiwu market.

For Expats in Zhejiang