When to Get Rid of Masks? Shanghai Expert Replies!

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When to Get Rid of Masks? Shanghai Expert Replies!

Professor Zhang Wenhong, the leader of Shanghai CoViD-19 clinical treatment expert group, suggested that people should keep a high degree of vigilance against the epidemic and not hold large-scale parties. Professor Zhang said: "after another one to two months, if there are no new cases, basically we can return to a normal life and get rid of the masks. "

Reward of 20,000 Yuan for Reporting Epidemic Clues


Ningbo municipal government announced on February 27 that the leading group of the epidemic prevention and control work of Ningbo decided to give incentives to people who report a CoViD-19 infection case during the period of epidemic prevention and control. If a suspected infected person is confirmed, maximum a reward of RMB 20,000 will be given to the reporter.

All Patients in Lishui are Discharged

As of February 27th, the last three CoViD-19 patients in Lishui were discharged from the hospital, by then all the 17 patients in the city had recovered, which made Lishui the first city that beats the virus in Zhejiang Province. Additionally, from February 8 to 26, there was no new confirmed cases for 19 consecutive days in the city.

Boss Spends 280,000 Yuan to Buy Masks and Receives Milk

On February 18, Mr. Yu went to Sandun police station in Hangzhou to report his case where he spent nearly 280,000 yuan to buy masks for his employees and received a box of milk.


According to Mr. Yu, he contacted a seller on WeChat introduced by a friend and put an order of 4000 masks at a price of 2.75 yuan each. In the next three days, without receiving the first batch of products, Mr. Yu successively paid 270,000 Yuan to the seller to buy more masks.

On February 17, the mail arrived. Mr. Yu opened it and was shocked. Inside the box, there was only a layer of masks. Beneath them, it was all milk!

Shortly after, the police targeted the suspect and arrested him in Jiangxi on February 23.

It is understood that the suspect was just released after serving his sentence. On the day of his release, he started to defraud on the Internet in the name of selling masks, claiming that he could purchase masks directly from the manufacturers, and then scammed Mr. Yu 287,100 yuan!

The suspect confessed that to bait online buyers, he had spent 5000 yuan to buy 1000 masks and took some videos of transporting them by truck. 

As of now, the suspect and his two accomplices have been taken criminal coercive measures by the police.

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