What Chinese TV Drama Actors Really Wear Below the Waist

A fairly new Chinese TV series called Wing Yu Nian has been receiving a lot of attention for its originality and sense of humor. 

In this show, adapted from the same novel, the male protagonist, Fan Xian, has the same memory as modern citizens and uses his wit to make us all laugh with a plethora of hilarious lines.

Under the guidance of an enigmatic teacher and a blindfolded guardian, Fan Xian becomes increasingly familiar with the pharmacology of medicinal properties, improves martial arts, and then successively resolves many dangerous situations.

Considering the great attention this show has been getting across China and the world, many diehard fans have used their rigid attention to details to spot hilarious elements that prrrrobably should have been edited out before being released.

Like this gold watch worn by a man pouring tea.

Camera in frame:

What about the behind-the-scenes stunts and performances?

When we think about all the stunts and tricks actors and actresses have in movies and on TV shows, its quite impressive seeing real people going at it live.

It shows a completely different side of the story and can have us rolling on the floor laughing.

For instance, what do you do if you cant physically carry the actress?

No problem!

Where does the smoking blown by Wu Kong come from?

Simple: good old fashioned smoking.

Ultraman fights a monster in the dust, which is basically artificial soil.

Nothing groundbreaking here: Most of the horse riding scenes are fake!

Acting like royalty in her Sedan Chair!

Those trees arent moving themselves There are people actually moving them.

How much is he craving barbecue after all this meaty scent?

The Hulk punches Thor

Hahaha I laughed so hard!

Oops, Ill catch it!! 

In addition to these magical special effects, the director is also responsible for overseeing more traditional scenes, especially when they teach you how to act it.

In the play, Tang San Zang's carriage is the white dragon-horse.

But in reality

Or something a bit more technologically advanced:

They look calm on the surface, really owning their character

But if you look a little further south This is what you get!

Are there any behind the scene videos youve seen where youve thought This is hilarious! 

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