This Virus Map Pinpoints Areas Affected to Warn Dangerous Areas

Using technology for the good and safety of our communities: Tencent has created a map that pinpoints places that present a high risk of virus infections and where affected 2019-nCoV patients have been confirmed to live in based on your geolocation.

You can access this map by tapping Read more at the bottom of this article or by scanning the QR code below:

You can copy this link and paste on the browser:


scan this QR code

You can opt for a full descriptive list of such places:

Or hit the below Map mode button which will prompt an updated map of places deemed as high risk:

Unfortunately, for now, the interface is in Chinese only. 

You can either use a translation app to help you navigate or use it with a Chinese speaking friend to check if your neighborhood is close to another NCP-affected area (for more information on what NCP refers to, check out our other article published today.)

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We wish you and your loved ones good health.