Police Drones Are Issuing Coronavirus Commands in China

By Ryan Gandolfo

If you hear an authoritative voice telling you to put on a mask while youre out in public, it might be coming from a drone.

Recent clips of drone footage in China have surfaced online that show unmanned aircrafts serving as a loudspeaker for Chinese authorities to scold residents for not wearing a protective mask while out and about. The latest educational method to keep people safe comes as the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) continues to spread throughout the country and abroad.

Image via @/Weibo

State-run newspaper Global Times reports that drone warnings are being used in rural areas to prevent people from gathering without their masks, as well as engaging in traditional street-side games such as mahjong. Playing mahjong outside is banned during the epidemic. You have been spotted. Stop playing and leave the site as soon as possible, said one officer in a town in Chengdu observing a group of mahjong players through the drones camera, as cited by Global Times.

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Some Chinese media have viewed the use of drones to educate residents about the spread of the coronavirus as creative and innovative. One thing we can say for sure it appears to be effective, as most videos weve seen either show people putting on their masks or heading off after a subtle tongue-lashing by authorities from above.

Watch the video below to see officers give one resident an earful on staying safe amid the epidemic:

Popular Chinese drone maker DJI took to Weibo in late January to tell folks: No matter where you are, [we are] here to remind everyone that during this unusual time every one of us needs to be well-guarded

People online have expressed their amusement regarding the Chinese authoritys unique method to educate the masses, with one Weibo user posting, This epidemic is both a severe and sad matter, but some of these videos really allow people to understand, I cant help but laugh at these drone videos, theyre really lively.

Has a drone recently told you to stop playing mahjong or put on a mask? If so, wed love to hear the story in the comments section below.

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