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MEP SOLUTIONS is an engineering company based in Shanghai, it was founded by Zaid Al-huthi a former engineering student at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and a former researcher in Particle Dynamics. With his background in Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering and a work experience in aviation and training, he decided to start a company focused primarily in improving the quality of foreign student graduates by facilitating training in Numerical Simulation and Modeling in fields of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Explicit Dynamics (AUTODYN).

In this effort of bridging gaps, MEP SOLUTIONS initialized a Youth Development Programme targeting Foreign Engineering students from all over China, offering free and partially sponsored online and offline training workshops for students from developing countries. The program aims to make foreign graduates more skill oriented in the competitive Chinese market, furthermore improve the foreign graduates R&D skills as they return to their home countries making them valuable assets in their homeland development.

The company also cooperates with other companies in the aviation training and maintenance sector, and has trained Chinese engineers in Airframe Structure, Powerplant and Aviation Regulations & Publications based on the American FAA license program.

The company also has good aviation resources overseas and offers technical services in aviation and ground handling equipments, in addition to its Design and Numerical Simulation consultancy.

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