JobsMarkting Full time or part time| 15K - 20K RMB per month

Job description

1. Mainly responsible for the enrollment lectures of gaodun overseas business school, organizing online and offline activities and interviews on behalf of the school. 2. According to the company's brand development strategy and regional development strategy, develop and maintain the relationship between cooperative agencies, and carry out monthly publicity activities. 3. Actively promote and follow up the negotiation projects of partners, and develop new cooperative projects to ensure to obtain the benefits of supporting the company's business development and provide resources; 4. Collect and analyze user needs, combine social hot spots and new media technology, organize and implement targeted activities to improve brand influence; 5. Analyze the channel needs, advantages and disadvantages of all parties, formulate and implement the channel development and maintenance plan based on the results of theater analysis;


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, business administration, etc; 2. Optimistic, positive attitude, serious work, good communication skills, team work awareness and execution ability; 3. Love to learn, proficient in using office software; fluent in Chinese and English, can speak in Chinese and English.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Part-time Business English Teacher| 10K - 15K RMB per month

Online Part-timeESL Content Creator-Short Videos|Under 10K RMB

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