How good is Zuckerbergs Mandarin?

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Here is an extract of Zuckerburg delivering a 20-minute-long speech, entirely in Mandarin, to Tsinghua University in Beijing.

After watching this video, what do you think of Zuckerburg's mandarin? Is his mandarin real good?

Generally speaking, hes well on his way and appears to be enjoying himself thoroughly.

But in his full speech, his heavy American accent, imprecise use of Mandarins tones, and frequent mixing up of similar sounds make him hard to understand. He frequently mixes up the tone for heart, (xn)  for example, making it sound more like belief, (xn).

N jude zhk bg de ZhngWn zn me yng

W jude w ky shu d b t ho.

AWhat do you think od Zuckburg's Mandarin?

B: I think I can do better than him.

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