Guide: A Letter to Foreign Friends Working in Shanghai

Dear international friends,

At the beginning of the New Year, the whole nation is concerned with the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new strain of coronavirus. All-out efforts are being made by the Chinese government to curb the spread of the disease. 

Shanghai Municipal Government has launched the highest level of responding mechanism for a major public health emergency to contain the disease and protect peoples life and health.

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science & Technology (Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs), Shanghai Service Center for Foreigners Working in China

will always stand by your side in this fight against the coronavirus. Please check the following notice and inform your friends and families around. Take care and be safe.

1. Try to avoid visits to crowded public areas, especially places of poor ventilation, such as public bathrooms, hot springs, cinemas, internet bars, Karaokes, shopping malls, bus/train stations, airports, ferry terminals and exhibition centers, etc.

2. Keep your hands sanitized. Try to avoid touching public objects and parts in public areas. After returning from public areas, covering your cough, using the restroom, and before meals, please wash your hands with soap or liquid soap under running water, or use alcoholic hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes when you are unsure whether your hands are clean or not. Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow when sneeze or cough.

3. Wear masks properly. Please wear a surgical mask or N95 respirator when you are in indoor public or crowded places.

4. If you arrive in Shanghai from other places, please pay close attention to your health condition. It is suggested you stay at home for a 14 days observation without attending any meetings, gatherings or group activities. Observation can be ended if no symptom comes out in 14 days. Please cooperate when relevant staff inquires about your health condition.

5. In case of fever, please go to the nearest designated hospital (as is shown in the appendix) to seek medical assistance, and report to your employer timely. Please tell doctors about your previous travel history and whether you have had contact with confirmed cases. Follow doctors instructions and finish the survey on epidemiology. Please avoid using public transportation when going to the hospital.

Health consulting hotline: 12320 (Shanghai health hotline)

Foreigner's work permit consulting hotline: 8008205114

Novel coronavirus science information column-Foreigners in Shanghai

Green channel for application during epidemic period, see notice for details


(The List of Designated Hospitals for Treatment of Infectious Diseases in Shanghai)


Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science and Technology

Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

Shanghai Service Center for Foreigners Working in China

Feb. 1, 2020


Information of fever clinic in Shanghai

Recommended hospital for foreigners in ShanghaiHuashan Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, Renji Hospital, a pediatric hospital, children's Medical Center, etc

No.DistrictName of a Medical Institution
1Hongkou Shanghai General HospitalShanghai First Peoples Hospital
2Hongkou Shanghai TCM-Integrated Hospital
3Hongkou Shanghai Fourth People's Hospital
4Hongkou Jiangwan Hospital
5Chongming Xinhua Hospital Chongming Branch
6Chongming Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital Chongming Branch
7Chongming Shanghai Chongming Third People's Hospital 
8Chongming Changxing Community Health Service Center
9Chongming Hengsha Community Health Service Center
10Chongming Dongping Community Health Service Center
11Chongming Xinhai Community Health Service Center
12Chongming Sanxing Community Health Service Center
13Chongming Xinhe Community Health Service Center
14Chongming Zhonxing Community Health Service Center
15Songjiang Shanghai First Peoples Hospital (South)
16Songjiang Songjiang Hospital affiliated Shanghai First Peoples Hospital
17Songjiang Sijing Hospital
18Songjiang Fangta TCM Hospital of Songjiang District
19Baoshan Northern Division of Huashan Hospital, Fudan University
20Baoshan Northern Division of Ninth Peoples Hospital, Shanghai JiaoTong University
21Baoshan Baoshan TCM-Integrated Hospital
22Baoshan Shanghai General Hospital Baoshan Branch
23Baoshan Renhe Hospital
24Baoshan Dachang Hospital
25Baoshan Luodian Hospital
26Baoshan Shanghai MCC Hospital
27Baoshan Luojing Community Health Service Center
28Changning 905th Hospital Of PLA NAVY
29Changning Shanghai Electric Power Hospital
30Changning Beixinjin street Community Health Service Center
31Changning Shanghai Tong Ren Hospital
32Changning Changning Tianshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
33Qingpu Jinze Community Health Service Center
34Qingpu Liantang Community Health Service Center
35Qingpu Huaxin Community Health Service Center
36Qingpu Xianghuaqiao Street Community Health Service Center
37Qingpu Zhujiajiao People's Hospital of Qingpu District
38Qingpu Qingpu Branch of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University
39Minhang Southern Division of Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine
40Minhang Childrens Hospital of Fudan University
41Minhang The Fifth Peoples Hospital of Shanghai
42Minhang Shanghai Minhang District Central Hospital
43Minhang Minhang district TCM-Integrated Hospital
44Minhang Huacao Community Health Service Center
45Minhang Qibao Community Health Service Center
46Minhang Pujiang Community Health Service Center
47Xuhui ZhongShan Hospital , Fudan University
48Xuhui Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital
49Xuhui Longhua Hospital , Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese medicine
50Xuhui Shanghai Eighth People's Hospital
51Xuhui XuHui Cetral Hosital
52Xuhui XuHui DaHua Hosital
53Jinshan Shanghai Municipal Clinical Center For Public Health
54Jinshan Jinshan Hospital , Fudan university 
55Jinshan Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, JinShan Branch
56Jinshan JinShan TCM-Integrated Hospital
57Jinshan JinShan TingLin Hospital
58Yangpu The first Affiliated Hospital Of The Second Military Medical University
59Yangpu Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital
60Yangpu Shanghai Yangpu District Central Hospital
61Yangpu Yangpu ShiDong Hospital
62Yangpu  Yangpu KongJiang Hospita
63Yangpu Xinhua Hospital , Shanghai Jiao Tong University
64Fengxian Shanghai Fengxian District Central Hospital
65Fengxian Fengxian Fengcheng Hospital
66Fengxian Hailv Community Health Service Center(Jingwei Center)
67Fengxian Fengpu Community Health Service Center
68Fengxian Zhuanghang Community Health Service Center
69Fengxian Community Health Service Center
70Fengxian Situan Community Health Service Center
71Fengxian Qingcun Community Health Service Center
72Fengxian Fengcheng Community Health Service Center
73Fengxian Haiwan Community Health Service Center
74Huangpu Shanghai Ninth Peoples Hospital
75Huangpu Ruijin Hospital
76Huangpu Shanghai Changzheng Hospital
77Huangpu Ruijin Hospital Luwan Branch, Shanghai
78Jiading Ruijin HospitalNorth
79Jiading Shanghai Jiading District Central Hospital
80Jiading Jiading District Anting Hospital of Shanghai
81Jiading Jiading District Nanxiang Hospital of Shanghai
82Putuo Tongji Hospital of Tongji University
83Putuo Childrens Hospital of Shanghai
84Putuo Putuo District Central Hospital of Shanghai
85Putuo Putuo District Peoples Hospital of Shanghai
86Putuo Liqun Hospital
87Pudong Shanghai East Hospital
88Pudong Shanghai Seventh Peoples Hospital
89Pudong Pudong Zhoupu Hospital
90Pudong Pudong Gongli Hospital
91Pudong Pudong Peoples Hospital
92Pudong Shanghai Pudong Hosptial
93Pudong Pudong Punan Hospital
94Pudong Shanghai Sixth Peoples Hospital(East)
95Pudong Shuguang Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
96Pudong Renji Hospital Affiliated to the Medical College of the Jiaotong University
97Pudong Shanghai Children's Medical Center Affiliated to the Medical College of the Jiaotong University
98Pudong Zhuqiao Community Health Service Center
99Pudong Jichang Community Health Service Center
100Pudong Sanlin Community Health Service Center
101Pudong Hangtou Community Health Service Center
102Pudong Nicheng Community Health Service Center
103Pudong Datuan Community Health Service Center
104Jingan Jingan Central Hospital
105Jingan Jingan Zhabei Central Hospital
106Jingan Jingan Shibei Hospital
107Jingan Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University
108Jingan Huadong Hospital
109Jingan Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital
110Jingan  Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Source: Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

Editor: Crystal H

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