Food Deliveryman Confirmed Infected, China Issues New Rules!

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The above is a stock photo. The infected driver's company was not mentioned.

In the afternoon of February 2nd, Kong Dongfeng, deputy chief physician of Shenzhen CDC, introduced the specific situation of three patients with community-based transmission, including a young man who was a deliveryman.

The man had been delivering food in Shenzhen before the onset during the incubation period (14 days). According to the epidemiological survey, he had no clear contact history, nor left Shenzhen within the incubation period, nor had he been exposed to confirmed cases and suspected cases or cases with acute respiratory infection symptoms. According to preliminary judgment, he may have come into contact with the source of infection in public without knowing it.

How to Prevent the Epidemic from Harming Staff

At a press conference on February 3rd, according to He Xiong, deputy director of Beijing CDC, Beijing has formulated guidelines for prevention and control of delivery personnel during the epidemic period of new coronavirus pneumonia.

According to the guidelines, express companies and takeout delivery companies should establish a daily temperature monitoring system, and do a good job in information registration; provide enough medical masks and hand free disinfectants and other protective articles for employees and educate them to avoid activities in crowded areas and keep their rooms clean and daily ventilated.

In addition, the guidelines require the delivery staff to properly wear the medical masks when providing services; replace the mask in time when it is polluted or wet; reduce the contact with public goods; keep hands clean; minimize the use of the van elevator and reduce the contact with customers; keep good hygiene habits, including do not spit or touch the nose and mouth, cover their sneezes or coughs, and discard the used tissues in a covered dustbin. When having a fever, cough or other symptoms, the delivery staff should consciously stop working, and their employers shall urge them to see a doctor timely.

He Xiong said that it's considered safe to receive deliveries, but both sides should get themselves well protected. It's better to not bring the delivery package inside, instead people should open the package outside.

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