Coronavirus Detected on Door Handle in South China

Its time to bust out those Clorox wipes and disinfect your home (if you havent already). On Sunday, scientists in Guangzhou found traces of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on the front doorknob of the home of one patient infected with the deadly virus, according to a spokesperson from the citys disease control and prevention center, as cited by Southern Metropolis Daily.

The disturbing reality on how the virus can be spread has even led some apartment buildings to tape plastic wrap over elevator buttons and door switches, although were not entirely sure on the effectiveness of that approach. 

Image by Thats

Zhang Zhoubin, the deputy director of the citys disease control and prevention center, told Southern Metropolis Daily that areas susceptible to contamination include faucet handles, remote controls, keyboards and, of course, mobile phones. The Guangzhou center has been receiving over 600 lab samples per day, as the number of confirmed and suspected cases in Canton continues to rise.

The center is also testing the living conditions of diagnosed patients, and will carry out epidemiological investigations that test often-used surfaces such as doorknobs, keyboards and phones.

As of February 10, there are 40,235 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in China, with 909 dead and 3,283 healed.

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