CoronaVirus: >31,000 Confirmed, >1500+ Recovered, 638 Deaths

Source: China Daily, People's Daily, CGTN, SCMP, Global Times, Xinhua, iFeng, BBC, JobTube, Majdi     

Major News 

Li WenLiang, RIP

Who is Li Wenliang?

Remdesivir cured 270 Patients, A Rumor

[Global Times] Clinical trials on remdesivir for the novel coronavirus infected patients have no results yet, says head of the testing Cao Bin, refuting rumors of 270 patients cured by the drug. China-Japan Friendship Hospital said the trials are scheduled to be completed on Apr 27. 

Five Children Discharged

The first batch of five children infected with the novel coronavirus in Central China's Hubei Province were discharged from hospital; the youngest was 2 years old.

Macao's First Patient, Recovered

Wuhan, in Numbers

So far, there are 20,629 people in Wuhan in quarantine at home amid the coronavirus outbreak. As of early morning Wednesday, Wuhan has in total 12,571 beds, putting 5,425 people in quarantine. The whole city, with so far 8,351 confirmed cases, had only 421 beds available now, which could not meet the growing numbers of patients: Wuhan official. 

Mother to Baby Transmission, Possible

30 hours after birth, a newborn in Wuhan, the nCoV epicenter, was diagnosed with the virus, leading medical experts to conjecture the coronavirus may vertically be transmitted between mother and baby.

But the doctors said most of the babies at Wuhan Children Hospital now did not catch the virus even though the mothers were infected.

Overseas Trade Expos

China's Ministry of Commerce on Wed told chambers of six industries to help companies settle issues on prepaid fees to overseas trade exhibitions, now that such itineraries are no longer possible amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Criminal Penalties for Hiding Information

People who hide their history of traveling or living in regions with major novel coronavirus outbreaks will be held responsible, even on criminal charges, in Guangdong province.

In addition, those who are aware they likely carry the coronavirus but do not self-report or seek medical treatment for their health condition, will be held responsible, even criminally.

The Guangdong provincial authority issued guidelines on administrative law enforcement during the novel coronavirus outbreak on Tuesday.

Expert: Re-Infection is Possible

Medical experts on Friday warned that patients who had recovered from the virus were still at risk of being infected again, and said people should avoid any mass gathering, even dancing in public parks and squares.  

The antibodies may not remain for a long time, so there is still a risk that these recovered patients will be infected again. They should continue to keep themselves protected. Zhan Qingyuan, head of infectious diseases at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said

Foreign Pilots Given Unpaid Leave

[SCMP] All foreign pilots working for China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, and a host of smaller mainland Chinese carriers have been placed on indefinite unpaid leave, according to multiple sources and a memo seen by the Post.

Xiamen Airlines along with Hainan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines and Beijing Capital Airlines (BCA) a trio of carriers owned by debt-laden HNA Group have also placed foreign aircrew on unpaid leave, according to multiple sources.

China Eastern Airlines, meanwhile, was understood to have offered unpaid leave to its foreign pilots but had not made it mandatory at this point.

10 more cases confirmed on Japanese cruise

[AP Photo]

Ten more people on the Japanese Cruise ship Diamond Princess tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to Japan's health ministry on Thursday. A total of 20 confirmed cases have now been reported on the ship.

The newly diagnosed patients will be sent to medical institutions in Kanagawa Prefecture, and the ministry has requested the remaining 3,700 passengers and crew members to stay on board for 14 days for further inspections.

Drug Under Testing

An antiviral drug, Remdesivir, is officially in clinical trial stage in Wuhan's Jinyintan Hospital as experts are testing its use in treating patients of novel coronavirus.

The trial will include 453 critical patients and 308 less severe patients, a medical expert said Wednesday.

Remdesivir has been used to treat Ebola virus infections abroad, and has not yet completed all clinical trials abroad. 

Nurses Take off Their Face Mask

People's Daily Twitter account shared heart-touching photos of nurses taking off their facial masks. 


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