Chinese Men Don't Like Green Hats Because...

L mozi

Green Hat

Green hat, which indicates a man has worn a green hat, implying a mans wife has an affair with another man. In this case, the man can be called being worn a green hat (cuckold).

The story of origin

Long long ago, there was a couple. The wife was so beautiful and many men liked her. Her husband was a businessman and he usually needed to go on business trips. They were quite rich, however, the wife finally had a love affair with a man who sold cloth stealthily. There was a time when the husband stayed at home for three months and the cloth-selling man got impatient. Afterward, the wife asked for a green cloth to make a hat for her husband. When you see my husband goes out wearing this green hat, you can come to my home. said the beautiful woman. That's how the "Green Hat" came from.


Actually, green was the lowest-grade color in ancient times. In Tang Dynasty, the lowest ranking officials wore the green clothes.  They even punished the criminals by making them wear green. During the Yuan Dynasty, the prostitutes husbands had to wear green clothes.


1.T bi di l mo zi le  


He has worn a green hat.

2.T lo po i t di l mo zi le  


His wife gave him a green hat.

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