China Advises Canceling Feb. 2 Special Marriage Registration

The Ministry of Civil Affairs has advised canceling marriage registration service on Feb. 2 due to the spreading novel coronavirus.

Earlier this year, many places in China, including Beijing and Shanghai, decided to offer marriage registration service for lovebirds on Feb. 2, which is considered special but falls on Sunday, in response to citizens' previous appeals.

This year's Feb. 2 is a palindrome date as it reads the same backward or forward, and two and zero sound somewhat like love and you in Chinese.

The ministry also advised the public to cancel wedding dinner parties and simplify funerals in a bid to reduce possible spread of the virus, said a guideline issued by the ministry.

Funeral service agencies nationwide are ordered to strictly implement epidemic prevention measures and dispose of the remains of infected patients in strict accordance with existing procedures.

Local civil affairs departments should work with rescue centers to help vagrants and beggars in a timely manner, the guideline said, adding that mental health welfare institutions should suspend admission of new patients and step up epidemic prevention measures.

Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal H


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