Afraid of Getting Infected? They Found a Way Against It!

When it comes to minimizing your risks of infection, there are many steps you can take to ensure your health isnt affected, such as wearing masks, avoiding crowded places and maintaining the highest level of hygiene by washing your hands, as mentioned in previous articles.

But youre also bound to come across certain areas and objects that may be subject to virus exposure and that you wont be able to avoid, like pressing a button in your elevator.

Luckily for us, creative geniuses have come up with innovative (and fun) ways to keep your hands clean!

On the more wasteful side of things, you might be lucky to stumble upon toothpicks to press a button and discard them right after. 

Afraid those toothpicks might hurt you? 

Some elevators offer a softer approach with tissues. Again, not very sustainable 

Post-it notes In case you want to leave your number and tell people which floor you live on.

Hand sanitizer very helpful!

Get a pen without its refill tube. Once youre in the elevator, unplug the pen holder and press the tip to avoid getting it infected and voila! 

As for clothing, those feeling more anxious than the average Joe have gone above and beyond to protect themselves from ANY intrusion of a dangerous, potentially life-threatening pathogen.

Check out those astronauts! 

A passenger wears a spacesuit to board a plane at the Shenzhen airport.

Some use plastic bottles as goggles.

Some use plastic bags as protective clothing.

Better get the lower body too! You know, just in case the coronavirus starts crawling up your legs...

About their pets

Some people just wear down jackets with full protection.

Now lets look at some cuter outfits:

Traffic cops in Dongguan recently pulled over a cab driver who was wearing 13 MASKS which has obviously triggered a lot of discontent on the internet for accumulating and wasting such scarce resources, especially for those who still havent been able to buy a single mask. Cops asked the driver to take them off and only wear one at a time.

What if you don't have enough masks and run out of them? 

What can you use as a substitute?

Some people use pads:

Festive masks:

Some even have gas masks fitted:

Want to see some more hardcore protective masks that others have made on their own? 

We assure you, some of them are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Hit this link to read the article:  

Anti-Virus Masks out of Stock? That Didn't Stop Them From...

To combat this is out-of-stock issue, mask factories are working overtime to try and bring more to the market.

On February 8, the official Weibo account of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) responded to the public's biggest concern: "As a manufacturing country, why are there not enough masks?"

Producing one mask in China only takes half a second. But a standard procedure for analyzing how sterile those masks are can take anywhere from seven days to half a month to ensure its sold in its safest and most effective form.

So if youre close to running out of masks, hang tight. More are on the way!

Source: weibo

Editor: Crystal H


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