29 foreigners in China infected with novel coronavirus

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Twenty-nine foreign citizens in China have been infected with the novel coronavirus as of Wednesday afternoon, a senior official said on Thursday.

Among them, 18 had recovered and were discharged from hospital, two were dead and nine are still under quarantine and treatment, said Ding Xiangyang, deputy secretary general of the State Council, China's Cabinet.

Ten of the foreign patients were from Hubei province, he said at a news conference organized by the State Council Information Office in Wuhan, Hubei, on Thursday.

"The Chinese government places great emphasis on the life and safety of foreign citizens in China," he said. "All foreign citizens infected with the novel coronavirus pneumonia will be given equal, timely and effective treatment."

China has also contacted relevant foreign embassies and consulates regarding foreign patients, in accordance with law and respect for the will of the people involved, Ding said.

"From what I know, there are no Russian citizens suspected of or confirmed to have caught the novel coronavirus pneumonia in China," he said, answering a related question from a reporter with a Russian media organization.

Source: China Daily

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