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1Chinese consumers' rising awareness of coffee varieties, their demand for beverages made of freshly ground beans, with an emphasis on convenience and low price, have accelerated the development of drip coffee products in the market.


Chinese tech company Orbbec Co Ltd is banking on the rising demand for 3D sensing from various sectors to play a key role in the development of China's smart economy, according to company officials.



China is confident of meeting all fiscal targets this year despite the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, a senior finance official said Friday.


The Chinese economy is expected to ride out the pressure brought by the novel coronavirus outbreak and maintain strong economic growth by global standards this year, economists said on Thursday.


China's local governments are introducing a number of supportive measures to help small and medium-sized enterprises cope with the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak.


entral and local government departments in China will help businesses to resume full production after the Lunar New Year holiday that was extended due to the novel coronavirus epidemic, with priority being accorded to those related with necessities in great demand.


The Chinese economy will witness a recovery once the novel coronavirus epidemic is controlled, and policy tools are sufficient to shore up growth and help enterprises endure the difficult situation, officials and analysts said on Friday.

SourceGlobaltimes, Xinhuanet, Chinadaily, Shine, GdtodayChina Plus News

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