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Robots have joined the battle against the coronavirus outbreak. At hospitals in Shanghai, Wuhan and Beijing, robots are helping in initial inquiries, diagnosis, ward nursing, disinfection, cleaning and other tasks, relieving the pressures and risks on strained doctors and nurses. 


The Red Cross Society of China and the Chinese Red Cross Foundation had received more than 849.72 million yuan (US$123.37 million) in social donations for novel coronavirus prevention and control as of 5pm Friday, the RCSC said Saturday.


The Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office and 12345, the government affairs hotline, will provide consultation for expats on coronavirus-related issues from Sunday, the Shanghai Information Office announced on Saturday.


China organized three charter flights and brought back 310 Hubei residents on Friday, following the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, capital of China's Hubei Province, the Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.


Apple Inc has decided to close all Apple stores on the Chinese mainland until February 9 due to the coronavirus outbreak, the company said on Saturday.


China has rolled out a raft of measures to strengthen its financial support for epidemic control, with the battle against the novel coronavirus at a critical stage, the country's financial authorities said Saturday.


Guangdong Provincial Government held the 7th press conference regarding the fight against the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Guangzhou Feb. 1st. As of midday February 1st Guangdong has reported a total 535 confirmed cases. The city of Chaozhou, in the eastern part of Guangdong province, reported its first three confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.


SourceGlobaltimes, Xinhuanet, Chinadaily, Shine, GdtodayChina Plus News

Author: Producer Emilio Mendez

Speaker: Caroline Parraguez

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