Wrap Dumplings like a Pro Over CNY With the 'Jiaozi' Press

By Ryan Gandolfo

Hot on Taobao is a monthly segment where we feature a product from Taobao our editors think is cool.

Chinese New Year is quickly approaching, and for those of you not leaving the Middle Kingdom for a little vacay, you may find yourself celebrating Spring Festival with a friend or partners family. During the New Year holiday, many Chinese families will make dumplings, which are said to bring fortune to the household. If youre like us, your dumpling wrapping skills are below par on a good day. And dont expect to be on your A-game after you and shushu just blasted through a bottle of Maotai (its the rich uncle).

But its all good, folks. Youll be wrapping jiaozi like a fiend thanks to the be-all-end-all dumpling press on Taobao. Simply throw on a jiaozi pi (dumpling skin), add some filling in the middle and close that sucker up. With ridges along the edge of this clever kitchen gadget, your jiaozi will be looking just like ayis.

Although you may get called out by some of the fam for cheating, just tell them that you really care, and thats why youre not subjecting them to the mangled, handmade jiaozi youd normally make. If they cant understand, maybe you should take your dumpling press to a family that can.

The jiaozi press ranges in price from RMB11.8 and up. (Cant access the link? Search on Taobao.)

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[Cover image via Taobao]

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