What '20200202' Mean to Chinese People?

February 2, 2020, is written as 20200202 for the Chinese calendar. 

And Chinese people often like to get married on an even date as they believe that good things come in pairs.

Also, the Chinese pronunciation for 2020 is similar to i n, i n, "love you, love you". 

Many soon-to-be brides and grooms in China are calling for civil affairs authorities to work an extra day on Feb 2, which falls on a Sunday, so that they can tie the knot on the special day, a perfect symmetric date.

In response to one citizen's appeal to allow people to get a marriage certificate on Feb 2, the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs said recently that people can apply online to get married on that Sunday.

Many netizens say it is a rare symmetric date in 2020.

Source: chinadaily

Editor: Crystal H

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