This Bridge Connects Three Provinces in Southwest China!

Passenger cars have started passing over a major bridge connecting three provinces in southwest China.

The Jiming Three Province Bridge opened to traffic Tuesday. It stretches over a big valley separating the provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou.

The bridge is 286.4 meters long and 11.5 meters wide. It makes transportation easier for residents of 12 townships in eight counties, said project manager Jiang Zhongqiao.

"We spent three years building the bridge, and I am glad that it is finally open to traffic," Jiang said.

Jiming means rooster crows in Chinese. In the past, rooster crows could be heard in the villages of the three provinces near the valley, giving the area its name. The bridge is named after the area.

Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal H

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