The Ultimate Guide to Bilingual Schools in Shanghai 2020

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It can be tough and overwhelming to find the right school for your children, especially if you are new to a country or changing their education journey. So, we are here to help with our comprehensive list of bilingual schools in Shanghai to assist you in making the perfect choice. (Click here for our guide to international schools in Shanghai).

Shanghai United International School, Gubei Campus

Shanghai United International School, Gubei Campus is part of the Xiehe Education Group, which is the largest independent educational provider in Shanghai. They provide high-quality international education programs offering IB Diploma and Certificate, Edexcel and IGCSE to middle and high school students. SUIS GB prepares their students to become internationally-minded, global citizens and paves the way for their entry into the worlds best universities.

Location: Minhang
Established: 2007
Age of students: 11-18
No. of students: 1000+
Nationalities: 30+
School levels: Junior / High
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, IGCSE, Edexcel
Languages taught: English / German / Mandarin
Extracurricular: Includes activities with a focus on creativity, service and action
Popular compounds: 1699 Gubei / Gubei Hongyuan / Gubei International Plaza / Mandarine City

Shanghai United International School, Gubei Campus

248 Hongsong Dong Lu, by Yaohong Lu 

5175 3030

YK Pao School

YK Pao School is a pioneering international Chinese school. The school is a non-profit private institution founded in 2007, in memory of shipping magnate Sir Yue-Kong Pao, the renowned Chinese businessman, statesman and philanthropist. With over 1,500 students from China and overseas, the school offers a unique Year 1-12 educational program. Pao Schools innovative Chinese-English immersion bilingual programme nurtures the whole person the entire emotional, social, physical, and intellectual being and prepares students to become engaged and responsible global citizens of the 21st century.

Location: Changning & Songjiang
Established: 2007
Age of students: 6-18
Nationalities: 18+
No. of students: 1,500+
School levels: Year 1-12
Curriculum: Primary School and Middle School: Shanghai Plus Curriculum offer an international approach to Shanghai curriculum. High School: International Plus Curriculum IGCSE and IB Diploma programmes, complemented by core components of the Shanghai curriculum
Languages taught: English / Chinese / French
Extracurricular: Sports, performing and visual arts, Chinese cultural activities and enrichment

YK Pao School

Primary School Campus: 20, Lane 1251, Wuding Xi Lu, by Jiangsu Lu 

Middle School Campus: 2206 Hongqiao Lu, by Longxi Lu

High School Campus: 1800, Lane 900, Sanxin Bei Lu, by Xinsongjiang Lu 

6167 1999

Adcote School Shanghai

Adcote Shanghai blends Adcote UK top-level educational system standards with excellence in Chinese culture. They have a strong focus on English improvement, offering a comprehensive list of academics (IGCSE and A Levels), educational programs and outdoors-based learning methods. Adcote also nurtures students' talents, shaping them into strong-willed individuals with remarkable problem- solving and leadership skills, enabling them to successfully enter the 21st centurys rapidly globalizing society.

Location: Songjiang

Established: 2016
Age of students: 13-16
Nationalities: 4
No. of students: 120
School levels: Junior / Senior
Curriculum: IGCSE / A Levels
Languages taught: English / Mandarin
Extracurricular: Includes a range of club and individual activities such as sports, dance, music, art, drama, cultural and science lab

Adcote School Shanghai

9288 Waiqingsong Gong Lu, by Huanshan Lu 

400 160 5622

Blue Ribbon International School

Blue Ribbon International School (BRIS) is the only school in Shanghai associated with The John Carrol School in the State of Maryland a Blue Ribbon School for three consecutive years. Life in BRIS is never restricted to the classroom, as students are encouraged to explore a wide range of activities. BRIS also initiated The Happiness Project to better assess students stress management and further develop the unique potential of every individual.

Location: Pudong
Established: 2016
Age of students: 15-18
School level: High
Languages taught: English / Mandarin
Extracurricular: Includes community service options as well as a wide range of individual development schemes

Blue Ribbon International School

1179 Laolu Gong Lu, by Shuyuan Gang Lu 

3801 0600

Dehong Shanghai International Chinese School

Dehong International Chinese School offers a 12 year education to Chinese nationals. Dehong is a sister school of the Dulwich College International (DCI) schools and offers a combined program comprising the Shanghai compulsory curriculum enhanced with the Dulwich educational philosophy and pedagogy. As part of the DCI family, Dehong students will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and benefit from DCI initiatives. These include the DCI University Counseling program and a diverse range of events. DCIs University Counseling team are experienced in placing students in US, UK and other top universities around the world including the Ivy League, Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities.

Location: Maqiao, Minhang
Established: 2017
Age of students: 618 years old
No. of students: 600+
Nationalities: Chinese
School levels: K1-12
Curriculum: Shanghai curriculum + ; IBDP
Languages taught: Chinese / English
Extracurricular activities: Over 150 Qidi courses, including academics, arts, sports, STEAM and music

Dehong Shanghai International Chinese School

1935 Shuguang Lu, Maqiao, Minhang, Shanghai 

3329 9458

Huili School Shanghai

Huili School Shanghai is a member of the Wellington College family of schools. Located in the New Bund district of Pudong, it is a world-class and purpose-built school, equipped with the staff and facilities to provide the very best academic and co-curricular opportunities. The academic team comprises highly-skilled international and Chinese leaders and teachers committed to delivering the Huili curriculums vision of holistic bilingual education. The schools vision is to successfully combine the inherent strengths of Eastern and Western education principles, giving pupils both the fish and bears paw in a truly immersive bilingual learning environment.

Location: Pudong
Established: 2018
Age of students: 6-14
No. of students: 600 (2019-2020)
School levels: Grade 1-7, will continue to enlarge its pupil body in Junior High and High School
Curriculum: Chinese national curriculum
Languages taught: Chinese / English / Spanish
Extracurricular: The pupil-centred Huili School promotes inquisitive and differentiated teaching, while endeavouring to provide an abundance of fun and engaging activities held both inside and outside the school to enrich pupils learning experiences.

Huili School Shanghai 

235 Linyao Lu, by Wenle Lu

3177 5080

Lucton School Shanghai

Lucton School Shanghai is the first overseas campus of Lucton School UK. They are located in Pudong, Shanghai, and offer a full boarding coeducational school for students aged 14-18 with IGCSE and A Levels programs. Students will transit to Lucton School UK seamlessly when progressing to the second year of A Levels. The campus consists of five main buildings incorporating the Pierrepont Theatre, Grey-Thompson Sports Centre, Jotham Library, modern laboratories and design technology room, along with indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Inspiring and talented teachers create a rich academic experience that prepares students for their place in the world.

Location: Pudong
Established: 2018
Age of students: 14-18
Nationalities: 4
No. of students: 33
School levels: High
Curriculum: A Levels / IGCSE
Languages taught: English / French / German / Mandarin / Spanish
Extracurricular: Includes team and individual sports, music, art, drama and cultural academic extension activities
Popular compounds: Green City

Lucton School Shanghai

90 Puhong Xi Lu, by Nanzhu Lu

5809 3060

Nord Anglia Chinese International School Shanghai (NACIS)

Nord Anglia Chinese International School (NACIS) Shanghai caters to students from age 6 to 18 years and is an authorized IB World School for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The NACIS curriculum delivers the fundamental learning objectives of the Shanghai National Curriculum integrated with international elements through the medium of Mandarin Chinese and English. Their performing arts programme is developed in collaboration with the Juilliard School and STEAM program in collaboration with MIT.

Location: Minhang
Age of students: 6-18
No. of students: Day School capacity is 2,250, boarding capacity is 180
Nationalities: 10+
School levels: Primary / Middle / High
Established: 2016
Curriculum: Grade 1-9 Shanghai National Curriculum integrated with international elements, Grade 10-12 International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
Languages taught: Mandarin / English / Spanish
Extracurricular: Various after-school activity options including global folk art, Lego club, outdoor adventure, global maths challenge, drama club, choir, orchestra, NACIS Chinese TV station, swimming, programming and robotics, etc.

Nord Anglia Chinese International School Shanghai (NACIS) 

1399 Jinhui Lu

2403 8800

Shanghai HD Bilingual School

Shanghai HD Bilingual School is a private school with a global vision for the future. HD provides a comprehensive bilingual solution for Chinese families who seek an authentic international education. Blending the best of international educational philosophy with Chinese curriculum, HD provides students with a comprehensive and balanced learning experience, where tradition meets creativity and east meets west. Rooted in traditional Chinese culture, HD Shanghai develops students to become heralds of Chinese culture to the world. We integrate high-quality educational resources and absorbing innovative educational concepts, supporting our students to understand the world and develop cross-cultural perspectives, so that they will become global citizens.

Location: Songjiang
Established: 2016 Sep.
Age of students: 18month-15yrs
No. of students: 1,000
School levels: All through curriculum from Kindergarten, Primary to Secondary, High school is in schedule (open in 2020 Sep.)
Curriculum: Kindergarten- Montessori course; Primary and Secondary- Integrated bilingual course
Languages taught: English, Mandarin

Shanghai HD Bilingual School

336 Rongbei Lu, Songjiang District, Shanghai 

2309 1039 ext. 2250/2251 (admission)

Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School

Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School offers an international-based program for children in Grades 1 to 9, providing a combination of Chinese and American curriculums. Their secondary division is an International Baccalaureate World School that follows the American and IBDP curriculums in a bilingual environment. The school caters to both Chinese and international students.

Location: Pudong
Established: 1996
School levels: Early Childhood / Junior
Languages taught: English / Mandarin
Extracurricular: Includes Model United Nations, community service, radio station, newspaper, World Scholars Cup and spelling bees

Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School

261 Huangyang Lu, by Biyun Lu 

5031 0791

Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School

Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School is part of the Dare to Dream Education Group and is an extension of the International Bilingual C Program of Fudan-Vanke Experimental Private School. The school has 10 years of experience providing bilingual education in English and Chinese and integrates Chinese and Western methods to inspire childrens unlimited potential. The STEAM center, equipped with robotics facilities, presentation center, machinery and other functional areas, cultivates students overall abilities and expands their experiential knowledge. The premises has the first professional rowing (crew) paddle pool with a Youth Rowing Development Center, which has become the crux of campus culture.

Location: Minhang
School levels: Early Childhood / Junior / Senior
Languages taught: English / Mandarin
Extracurricular activities: Includes STEAM, reading, rowing, speech, debate, science, math, robotics, philosophy, art, sports, gardening and horticulture

Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School

3568 Qixin Lu, by Xingzhan Lu 

6221 6956, 6221 0565

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