Reserve Roastery's New CNY Menu Items Put the Star in Starbucks

Chinese New Year is a time to reunite with loved ones and celebrate our blessings. When spending quality time with family during this festival, thoughts necessarily turn to food. That means family meals at home, fancy banquets at restaurants and scouring Shanghai for new delicious foods and beverages. Unfortunately, lots of places are closed for the holiday. 

Luckily, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai is open, and a day at the Shanghai Roastery is an ideal way to use up your free time. Take a trip to the festive wonderland, and enjoy the atmosphere created by gorgeous paper-cut flowers, zodiac signs, peonies and coffee leaves all symbolizing good wishes for the coming year via an artful fusion of traditional Chinese and contemporary coffee cultures.

Start with two aptly named warming seasonal beverages, the Chicago Camp Fire and Ginger Pear Peach Run. When you pull up a seat at the coffee bar, the barista gets to work building your special campfire mocha. 

Dark chocolate, espresso and freshly foamed milk is the base of the marshmallow-topped drink. Final touches include a quick torching of the mallows and a sprinkling of crushed biscuits.

Or, head upstairs for the Teavana Ginger Peach Run number featuring Peach Tranquility Tea with fresh pear, peach and sweetened ginger juices. Enjoy the accompanying biscuits while you take a relaxing tea break.

These drinks pair well with the collection of six new baked goods featuring sun-dried tomatoes, cheese, nuts, chocolate, cranberries, chestnuts and other winter ingredients. Presented by Princi, these items can be enjoyed at the Shanghai Roastery or enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

The bread in particular can be shared with groups for breakfast or snack time. The Sundried Tomato and Cheese Loaf is baked onsite from traditional Italian ingredients such as olive and sun-dried tomato. We recommend serving it toasted with a side of eggs for a filling breakfast with a steaming mug of Princi blend coffee. Dont forget to grab some coffee beans while you are there.

Sweeter bread options include the rich Nutty Chocolate Loaf and the Flaxseed & Cranberry Sfilatini. The former is well-balanced by the dark cocoa, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, pistachios and raisins. We especially enjoy the way the chunks of chocolate melt when you warm it. Also delicious, are warm sticks of crispy yet chewy sfilatini with a tart sweetness from the cranberry.

You cant celebrate without dessert and chestnuts do double duty in the new Chestnut Torta. Called lizi in Chinese, which sounds like money, the nuts are both delicious and auspicious. This tart is the product of a multiple-step baking process ensuring strong chestnut flavor, balanced sweetness and smooth texture.

If you prefer chocolate, the Chocolate Almond Torta incorporates it into every layer including a wonderful crisp base, alternating layers of ganache with crunchy almonds and a silky whipped cream topping. Both treats are available in single slices or whole pies. Bring one with you to cap off a home-cooked meal, and you will be the most popular dinner guest in town.

But what about the evening? You can always head upstairs to Bar Mixato for an aperitivo. Indulge in a unique Nitro Coffee Martini featuring cream nitro cold brew mixed with vodka, cognac, Kahlua, amaretto and vanilla syrup. Or, go for the uniquely presented Reserve Siciliano where bourbon, cold brew coffee, amaro, cognac, apricot liqueur and maraschino are combined and poured through a filter of freshly ground coffee beans. Salami with Schiacciatine antipasto platter featuring high-quality olive oil and two different dipping sauces goes great with these and all the other mixology options on offer.

If all the holiday travel has you off your schedule, keep in mind that Bar Mixato opens at 7am every day. Put that jet lag to good use and get out of the house! While youre there, you can even purchase a Chinese New Year Trinket for your favorite rat.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai meets all your needs from breakfast to nightcap, throughout the holiday and beyond. Also, all the food of this CNY launch will sell in Starbucks Reserve Bakery Cafe.

Starbucks Reserve Shanghai Roastery, HKRI Taikoo Hui, 789 Nanjing Xi Lu, by Fengyang Lu 789, HKRI , .