NEW Emojis on WeChat! What Are They?

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Josh B.

On January 15, according to Tencent, 10 new emojis were officially released online. Android users can access them by updating to the latest version 7.0.10, and all IOS users need to do is to relog in WeChat.

Per Tencent, these 10 emojis are respectively: Onlooker(ch gu), Emm, Wow(w), Respect (shhu shhu), Sweat(hn), Go for it(ji yu), OMG(tin ), No prob(ho de), My bad(d lin), Doge(wng chi).

In addition, according to some users, the new Emoji cannot be used or recognized on their phones. The solution is to update the version as described above. If you still cant have them, you can type the corresponding Chinese characters in the English brackets [], and it will be received an Emoji.