Make Sure You Know These AWESOME WeChat Features!

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Freya W., Josh B.

According to statistics, by January 2020, the monthly active users on WeChat have exceeded 900 million. It seems that nowadays everyone in China has a WeChat. However, it is also said that most users simply know some of the very basic features of the software. There are some ingenious and user-friendly functions out there. So, what are they? Lets take a look!


Just recently, WeChat released 10 new emojis, which really excited many users. But you know what? In fact, WeChat provides tens of thousands of stickers for free, daily. Many Chinese users, especially the younger generation, are literally crazy about stickers. du t the sticker battle is quite popular as it is very expressive and ice-breaking under some social occasions. WeChat provides a very powerful design for it.

A. How to Find a Similar Sticker

When chatting, a friend sends you a unique sticker and you want to send something similar back in seconds? A piece of cake!

Step One: Tap & hold the sticker received and save it go to the Discover screen and tap the Search button tap on the Stickers button;

Step Two: Tap the button, pick the sticker and there you go!

Also, you may go search for other series likewise:

B. How to Tailor & Customize Your Own Stickers

Personalized stickers on WeChat have been around since 2018, and now its more fun by providing multiple ways for users, to customize them.

Tip: Tap +, pick your lenses & take a photo, and then paste a sticker & add caption, done.

Photo                                             Sticker

Also, you may check friends new picks and their popularity, as well as the top stickers recommend by the system:

Go Dutch Split a Bill with WeChat Friends

It's an unavoidable thing that sometimes we need to share a bill with people for takeout or group buying. Obviously, WeChat has taken it into account and provides a very convenient feature. No red packet nor transfer, all it needs is a tap on your payment notice, like this

Step One: Tap on WeChat Pay, (Check the bill), and (Split the bill);

Step Two: Tap on Create Now, find the WeChat friend that youre spliting the bill with, and specify the amount if necessary.

Voila, no excessive chitchats or calculation needed, done.

Find Chat Records Quickly

How do you usually look for chat records? For example, you need to find an article shared previously in the group, or a video from a long time ago. Looking through all the chat records? No. WeChat provides an accurate search, and it takes just a few seconds to find the record you need!

Tip: Tap on on the top right corner, go to the Search Chat History and pick the type of information you are trying to look for.

Find People & Join Your Circle

After moving to a new city, how do you manage to make new like-minded friends and enlarge your social circle based on your hobbies, work needs or geographical location? You may have some kickass tips of your own, and you may also use this handy feature WeChat provide called Circle. Lets take a look at it!

Step One: Tap Search on Discovery screen, and (circle) and then (discover circles).

Step Two: Find the circles that interest you;

In addition, you may post your own work under the Circle, and share it to your WeChat friends.

This might be a great way to attract like-minded people into your life!

How many of the above four features have you tried out? Which do you like the most? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us!