JobsMarketing Manager| 25K - 30K RMB per month

Job description

1. Responsible for the organization, development and promotion of overseas marketing work 2. To be responsible for the audit of overseas marketing materials and the presentation of expenses; 3. Responsible for the collection and analysis of overseas marketing information and information; 4. Responsible for the translation of relevant publicity materials; 5. Other temporary work arranged by the leader.


To succeed in this role, you will bring the following qualities with you: 1Foreigners who are proficient in English; 2Europeans and Americans who are above 25 years old in China; 3Bachelor degree or above; 4Major is not limited, marketing, advertising is preferred; 53-5 working experience in marketing area, and the industry is not limited; 6Good communication in Chinese; 7Strong execution ability; 8Proficiency in office software.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

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