How to Get Your Number Back If You Lose Your Phone in China

Nowadays, a lot of things are so Inconvenient or impossible without a mobile phone. Everything is connected to your phonephone number. Mobile pay, bank cards, emails, logins for apps, everything.  Phone numbers have become another form of ID number. So when we lose our phone, the biggest concern is not the phone itself, its how much trouble its going to cause if Im changing my phone numbers. 

A friend of mine, Mary, had just lost her phone. We spent the whole day looking for it but didnt have a clue. So what we could do was just to get a SIM card and new phone to start over.

Her SIM card was with China mobile so we went to the nearest store. 

And here is the conversation we had with the staff.

Hello! How can I help you?


I lost my phone. Can I get a Sim card?

Sure, do you have your passport with you?



Would you give me your passport please?



Do you want new phone number or do you want to get the old one back?


I would love to have my phone number back.

Please tell me your phone number.



Would you please look at the camera here for a Face scan?

Would you please sign your full name as your passport on the screen?

The total cost is 2 RMB. Here is your passport. 


Thats it?

yes. Is there anything else I can help you with?


No, thank you so much.

Have a good day.

Bang! Done! Quick and simple. And as far as Im concerned, China Unicom and China Telecom require the same process to get your SIM card back. So no worries!!

Author: XinL

Editor: Crystal H

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