How to Find a Really Good Chinese Teacher to Guide Your Learning

How to Find a Great Tutor?

Finding a good Chinese tutor is key if you want to learn the Chinese language  correctly and in an effective way, but how do you know if your tutor is the right one  for you? 


No Accent 

I wanna my mandarin tutor speaks perfect Chinese.


Professional & Patience 

Learning a language is tough work. It can take a long time to be truly fluent. Based on this, a good Mandarin tutor shouldnt rush you and should always encourage you to try again, to explain yourself in other words, and to employ newly-learned language.  For students who cant master a given language point, such as the pronunciation of a  certain Chinese word, a Chinese sentence structure, and so on, the tutor should give extra examples and more tailored exercises to practice.


Various Teaching Methods

Look for a Mandarin tutor who mixes it up with a variety of visual, audial, and contextual activities. Every student learns in different ways. Perhaps you are the kind of person who needs to see something to remember or make sense of it, or maybe you learn best by writing it down a few times. No matter your learning style, your Mandarin tutor should employ a number of ways to get the learning point across.


Fun And Enjoyable

It is said that good teachers make the class interesting; however, sometimes the reality is that studying is not so enjoyable. Maybe you can recall a class that was so boring you wanted to fall asleep while the teacher was talking. 


Customized to Your Needs 

Find an experienced Mandarin tutor according to your learning needs. If you are interested in learning Chinese for daily communication, then you will need to find an outgoing and talkative Chinese tutor. First and foremost, he or she should be a native Chinese person. And he or she should be up-to-date on recent news, new trends, buzzwords, songs, movies, and so on, which are popular in China. With his or her understanding of whats new and popular, he or she can better help you learn about typical daily life in China, along with Chinese culture.

If your goal is to learn Business Chinese, then you will be better off learning with an experienced, professional Chinese tutor. He or she will be able to teach you about industry-specific terminology as well as Chinese business etiquette, such as exchanging business cards, handshakes, greeting others, etc. 

One final question you may have is, 

Where can I find a Mandarin tutor?. 

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