He Was Forced to Spend RMB 119,800 on His Eyebrows Tattoo!Insane

Would you pay RMB 119,800 to give your eyebrows a fresh new look? 

Mr. Yang, a young doctorate graduate, did under odd circumstances. 

As a faithful regular customer of a barbershop in Henan provinces Zhengzhou city, Mr. Yang accepted an invitation to dinner to honor and celebrate this relationship.

But things turned south quickly after Yang got in the car, which took him to a different shop to have his eyebrows made instead of going to the restaurant they were meant to go to for dinner.

"Even though I didnt agree to do it, they took me there by force anyway, Yang later told local media.

The eyebrow artist never mentioned how much it would cost, nor did Yang ask. The bill? A whopping RMB 119,800! For eyebrows!

Im pretty shy and they threatened me, so I had to go along with it. They repeatedly told me not to say anything

After hearing about Yangs misfortune, his colleagues sent reporters to investigate and discuss the situation with the shops owner.

After getting to the bottom of it, Mr. Yang was able to receive a full refund and learn a valuable lesson along the way dont get in a car with people youre not feeling too comfortable with or know very well!

While eyebrows may be a small part of the body, you dont realize how truly important they are to your overall physical appearance and impression until theyre gone, or slightly adapted. 

For instance, what would celebrities look like without eyebrows?

Some celebrities decide to change the shape of their eyebrows and end up with an interestingly different look and feel. What do you think of their transformation?

Nevertheless, regardless of how we try to change or remove them, eyebrows are usually pretty unique to the person who bears them. Everything from their form, thickness, color, and everything else makes them very important and dear to our hearts.

And yet, some people, having grown discontent with their physical appearance, seek help from eyebrow tattoo artists in hope of fixing them. While some may look natural, others well Lets have a look at some of the best eyebrow tattoo failures:

Editor: Crystal H


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