First Robot-Operated Chinese Restaurant Opens in China

The world's first Chinese restaurant operated by robots has attracted plenty of diners after it officially started service in Zhujiang New Town in this Guangdong provincial capital on Monday.

The restaurant, which mainly serves Guangdong Shunde cuisine, allows robots to cook, deliver food, place orders for diners and handle most of the work in the restaurant.

A local Shunde cuisine chef surnamed Ma Huiliang said he gave the fried vegetables cooked by the robot 90 out of 100 points.

But Ma said he never worries that robots would replace chefs in the future. "On the contrary, it is a liberating opportunity for chefs when robots can cook," he said.

The person who runs the restaurant said the restaurant now has 46 different kinds of robots that can do almost all the work of the restaurant, including welcoming clients, frying dishes, mixing wines, making dessert, cooking rice, operating a cloud rail system and delivering food.

Source: chinadaily

Editor: Crystal H

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