Foreign Affairs Office: A Letter to Expats in Shenzhen

Dear international friends,


Recently, pneumonia cases caused by the novel coronavirus have been confirmed in multiple cities in China, including Shenzhen. In response, Shenzhen Municipality is sparing no effort to contain the spread of the virus and safeguard the lives of you and Shenzhen residents. Currently, a wide range of preventive and control measures are being rolled out. For your health, we recommend the following practices:


I. Follow official information outlets. Please refer to Shenzhen Health Commissions official website and Wechat official account, Shenzhen Government Online (, EyeShenzhen (, i Shenzhen App among other official information sources for official news updates on the latest developments of the epidemic, list of designated hospitals, and preventive and control guidance, etc. If you have any questions, please call the government service hotline:12345. You can also check out the updates issued by National Health Commission of China for information countrywide. Do not believe information from unofficial sources.


II. Strengthen prevention and self-protection. Please refrain from outdoor activities. Avoid crowded places and gatherings. Try not to visit patients in hospital. If need be, wear a face mask correctly and dispose of used masks appropriately. Keep good personal hygiene by washing your hands often. Cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue or your flexed elbow. Keep rooms clean and well ventilated. Avoid contact with wildlife or poultry. Only eat meat and eggs that are well cooked. A good rest and a healthy diet can reinforce your immune system.


III. Join in our mass preventive and control efforts. If you have been to Hubei Province or other infected areas or had contact with people from these areas over the past 14 days, please report to your employer or your community work station, and note your time of arrival in Shenzhen, the transport you took, your seat number, the areas you have been to and people you had contact with over the past 14 days. Pay close attention to your health status and refrain from outdoor activities. Please cooperate with government, community or medical personnel if they inquire about your information.  


IV. Go to hospital as soon as possible if suspected symptoms occur. If you have developed suspected symptoms including fever, fatigue, cough and chest oppression, please go to the fever clinic of a designated hospital nearby. You and accompanying persons shall wear masks. Avoid taking public transport such as bus and metro. Windows of the cars should stay open. Upon arrival, go to the receptionist first and follow the guidance of medical staff.


Lets stay confident and fight the virus together. We wish you a happy Chinese new year and good health!

Foreign Affairs Office

Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Government

January 29, 2020



Source: Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Government

Editor: Crystal H