Do all Chinese have small eyes

Welcome to the 9th episode of DACD`s stereotype series. Today we are going to discuss whether all Chinese have small eyes.

When you see the image of Chinese people in Western animations, you will find that all Chinese look like Terracotta Warriors, with small and monolid eyes. But when you come to China, you will see the reality is quite different.

Indeed, compared with Westerners, only half of the Chinese people are born with double eyelids. By checking the composite standard faces of different countries, we can also see that a Chinese has a much wider face than a Caucasian, which makes the eyes seem even smaller.

However, with the evolution of the race, plus makeup and developing plastic surgery techniques, people in first-tier cities have got bigger eyes than their ancestors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with which foreigners are familiar.

Fairly well-known big-eyed stars are Zhao Wei, Gao Yuanyuan, Wu Lei, etc. Arent their eyes as big as a Westerners? Therefore, DACD really hopes Chinese peoples image in foreign films and TV dramas will be more diverse.

That`s all, see you next time.

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