Childhood in Old China: Precious Vintage Photos of Playtime

Some of our fondest and most cherished memories come from childhood. Times of joy, laughter, friends, and candy lots of candy.

Whether we look back to our memories from ten years ago or several decades, those cherished moments are often similar to one another.

The GICexpat team has collected a series of old photos depicting life of young children in China back in the old days; a trip down memory lane for some, and a history lesson for most. 

Lets take a look.   


Times were simpler then. No phones, no internet distractions. Just friends spending quality time together. 

Shuttlecock and skipping rope have long been favorites of girl friends playing together.


Toys were simple and often homemade. Even when kids would feel tired from playing with them, they would keep them around, reluctant to throwing them away. 

Every new semester invites students to make new book covers and take good care of them.

Old pencil case

Remember the tapes you bought for the first time?

Old sewing machine


Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a fun and memorable childhood. Despite all the hurdles and struggles, what are your own fondest memories from back in the day?

Editor: Crystal H


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