Chat between Two Foreigners in China Becomes Interesting When...

Recently, a video on Chinese social media Weibo triggered a heated discussion among Chinese netizens.

A funny video with two foreigners striking a conversation has been making rounds across Chinese social media lately, and the reason why is unexpected by everyone watching it for the first time

Both foreigners find themselves sitting at a couple of tables next to one another one of them has been living in China for several years, while the other has just only recently arrived. 

As one would expect, the man who has been living in China for a while already speaks fluent Mandarin.

Interestingly enough, the newcomer says that he can speak a little Chinese. But little did he know that this would entice the other man to bombard him with more Mandarin. 

He begins with "Just come here ?"

And soon enough, out of nowhere, he goes all Chinese Dama on the newcomer with tons of questions, asking him (in Mandarin):

"Where are you from?"

"How old are you?"

"Are you thirty-something?"

"Got a wife?"

"Married a Chinese wife yet?"

"How nice Chinese girls are, am I right?!"

In the face of these questions, the newcomer shook his head to show he couldnt understand any of the questions hed just been asked.

But that didnt stop the foreign resident from continuing his questioning.

"What do you do?"

"An English teacher?"

"You teach to Chinese children?"

"How much do you make a month?"

"Got ten thousand?"

After watching this video, many Chinese netizens took to social media to comment and share their thoughts, some of whom mentioned that the older man reminded them of their grandmother from the way he speaks and his facial expression.

Others have drawn a link between him and older Chinese standing at the matchmaking corners of public squares.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, many can expect to receive that kind of questioning from their relatives, except their questions will most definitely be centered on when they will finally have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

To that we say

Good luck.

Watch the video:

Source: weibo

Editor: Crystal H

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